The Night Owl Surveillance Camera Review/Crook Caught!!!!

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Review of the Night Owl Surveillance Camera System and an a quick review about the Sumpple surveillance camera.
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Clark Adams says:

Did you catch the creep leaving you presents?

Joseph Spry says:

Systems good, your install is shit! Messy ass lazy job.

Taylor Byford says:

It is a felony to steal from someone’s mailbox or mail and not a little one. It’s held in federal courts not local and max punishment is five years and 250,000 dollar fine. Glad the camera worked. Can you comment on how well you can see at night with it. Ex. Reading a license plate or name badge. Thank you for the great video.

Edouard Nerette says:

Does night owl have a good audio indoor video

Jesus Patino says:

I have a question if some one can help me please
You can see the live video from you cell phone with this system?

GODSGIFT2780 says:

Stealing someone’s mail is actually a federal offense had she not have it back she would’ve done jail time

Spooky Action says:

Good story. U explained it will. Will b looking into this owl camera. Thx

Moon Crafter Nails and more! says:

I am so sorry this happened to you right at one of the worst times in your life when you lost your mom.
I lost my daughter in 2012 when she was murdered by her husband. Because I pushed and pushed and pushed and found all kinds of circumstantial evidence I was able to get the police interested in the case and they were able to prove that it was in fact murder. He was charged with three life sentence crime and the day we were preparing for the trial we found out that the cancer my husband had beat 9 years before has returns due to the stress of losing our baby girl. Yes she was 31 years old but that doesn't make any difference when it's your child oh, she will always be your baby and she was always a daddy's girl.
The prosecutor gave us a few minutes and stepped out of the room we were having our conference in and when he returns he announced that we would be doing a plea deal because we did not need to deal with the stress of a trial. It was clearly not left up to us it was clearly not going to be our decision. He was doing a plea deal after dropping all charges they charged him with involuntary manslaughter which I would love to know how you get for premeditated please planned murder especially when you tried it once before. During the sentencing my son and I made victims statements however my husband could not. He was too weak and too emotional and he knew that he would not be able to do anything but Shout expletives at this man we once truly considered a son as well as colorful metaphors and of course heaping death wish upon death Wish upon him.
we immediately put in a DVR camera system and have had Windows shot out Damage Done to our vehicles and stalking buy some of his not so mentally stable friends. the problem quickly became the camera was not clear enough to see their faces and the local police just didn't want to bother with it because if they put it no one was hurt. I just upgraded to the night owl system and I can't tell you how much better the images are how much easier it is and how much more secure and safe I feel especially with my former son-in-law getting out in 5 years and threatening me in court before for the judge by saying I was the first thing he was going to take care of. Thank you for the review and I do wonder how your case ended up being as it's several years ago maybe there has been a conclusion to the case

Jessie Barajas says:

Does it alert you ?? Like ring door bell

Wes thisdoesntmatter says:

Pigtail coming off camera should be hidden and protected from moisture. Shoot your install guy.

bighead56 says:

Night owl internet software doesnt work properly, dont buy

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