The Leica CL Digital Camera Review! A Real Mini M?

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The Leica CL:
18mm f/2.8:
Voigtlander 35 1.7:
Voigtlander 50 1.5:

My written review:

The Leica CL is here. Check out my video with my thoughts, images from my 1st 2 weeks of using it and my experience using it with M mount lenses.

This is a small, compact Hugh performance IC mirrorless camera with fast AF, snappy performance and lovely design and IQ.

Leica CL at Amazon:


Steve Huff says:

My full written review is up guys with more including ISO tests ad more images. Se it here:

Thank you all for watching.

SuperPussyFinger says:

I like the old fogey band.

sultanabran1 says:

there are always losers on leica videos who can't help but comment about cheaper cameras with more features. when will they learn? why don't they just not watch leica videos?

Edward Edward says:

That dude on the drums was no Charlie Watts 😂

mark y says:

I'm thinking that minimally a Leica should have an optical viewfinder.

John Smith says:

Beautiful thing, no there is no unique signature. Priced to make sure that only the wealthy own it. $2400 35 1.4 is a "quality lens" well that worry is over. Love to find someone making mock of this thing. Yeah it's about the photographer, it's about him being a head case. "Up the wazoo" ugh. Speaks to your soul – wtf you're in Middle America not fricking Dubai.

Phil Chang says:

No thanks. I'll stick to an M8.

dragonheadz says:

What happened to ghost stuff 🙁 I wanna learn to communicate and I wanna make friends

SuperDigitalMe says:

nice colors. I like leica colors, and canon colors most….

D - BlueOcean says:

Hi, Which adapter you use to attach M mount to CL?

Preston Thomas says:

I got my hands on this camera while visiting the Leica store in LA. I used it with the M adapter and my Zeiss 35 1,4. The photographs were absolutely beautiful. The 1.5 crop turned my 35 ZM into an incredibly sexy 50mm. Leica definitely has a look, and you're either into it or you're not. I'm into it.

Mr Plaidboy says:

For this you could have the Fujifilm X-E3 with latest X-trans sensor and 3 gorgeous Fuji primes.

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