The iPhone XR Is Depressing…

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The iPhone XR could’ve been a good deal… iPhone XR review coming soon.


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Victor Salazar says:

A source of mine says that the iPhone 7 and 8 also have the same ppi

Muhammad Abdelilah says:

This guy sucks I have a iPhone XR and it works perfectly this guy is just a person getting paid to ruin apples look

Quantez Watts says:

Apple is garbage

mastermind456 says:

I watched this at 1080p on my $250 Galaxy A40…

Sonu Power says:

I bought my XR for 550 US dollars so I’m Gucci

DJ Madden says:

I’m watching this on my xr and with 1080p

Soumyajit Modak says:

Honestly I don't know why people's comparing between Samsung And iPhone
Guys stop this.we should appreciate it because we are using such intelligent phones whatever iphone or Samsung. & every company has weakness if you go for Display No doubt Samsung is the only who makes AMOLED TFT display & most important point iphones XS Max display made by Samsung.

Salty Dog says:

Now we’re in August 2019 … The iPhone 10 R is the best selling iPhone of the year ! Not so depressing now is it Lou ? At least not for Apple 🍎 …

Daniel Guzman says:

I have a IPhone XR and I’m watching your videos with 1080p

Taher Adenwala says:

Watching your video in 1080p in Xiaomi device 😂

ImAlwaysNiceツ says:

I like how people call Android users broke, actin like they got the most expensive phone and best high quality phones out there lmao!
like come on, calling us Samsung users broke when yo bitch asses can't even watch an HD youtube video 🤣🤣

Dean Gatsheni says:

Man the video ended without shiwing the iPhone XR its self

Vin Shzn says:

And complaining about the xiaomi mi a3 being 720p for just 250$

Relebogile Mothomogolo says:

I am watching this review on my Xr. I don’t care about about all that stuff you mentioned because it doesn’t matter.

Relebogile Mothomogolo says:

What you just said doesn’t matter to an average IPhone buyer

chrisuzivert 16 says:

my Galaxy A30 runs a better display and resolution than this iPhone and my phone cost $200 🤷🏽‍♂️ i could go on about how my device is better and how Samsung is better but iphonys will get mad lmao

Josh Haddix Vlogs says:

I never noticed that I've just hated it because it has one camera but yeah I understand where your going with this

brokebtsfan says:

*8 yrs old laugh.

Zeusevo1 says:

Watched on my XR in 1080p 🤷🏻‍♂️


Even my 10k budget phone has 409 ppi than this shitty iPhone

Grey Potatoes says:

1440p on an lg g6 that i got for 100 dollar

利己ᖇ I K K O says:

watches on I phone xr

Christina Miller says:

iPhone XR actually really good, not everyone looks at the small details to find something wrong. If u like droids keep ur droid, if u like apple keep your Apple I don’t see why people look at the small details and try bashing the phone for its smallest flaws

opa sailo says:

Selfie portrait is trash

Selim Efe Pahna says:

Well I'm typing this on Iphone XR, I watched your video on 1080p

X says:

This is why apple sucks

Brayan Victorio Terrones says:

I think that his información it's wron because if you compare the iPhone xr and the iPhone 4 you’ll see a big difference

I LightenStar I says:

At least it has better battery life.

I LightenStar I says:

Then why was it the best selling smartphone of 2019.

Wirz Gaming says:

X pensive
R idiculous

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