THE GREATEST COMPACT CAMERA but is it worth $1200?

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it is truly an amazing device. but that price is madness and the lack of an audio input is entirely bewildering

Narch –


CaseyNeistat says:

HEY YOUTUBE! i uploaded this in 4k but theres no 4k in the playback. WTF.

ChedWick05 says:

At 1200 no way.

ChedWick05 says:

I probably laughed more than I should of when you slammed down the wrist lace.

Mike Tayon says:

The PANASONIC LUMIX LX10 for 1/2 the $1,200 price of RX100 vi!

Theodore Wallace says:

That audio was SURPRISINGLY good for being in-camera

Burak Akpinar says:

we are at 2019, does it have touch screen? one single feature where even 50$ phone has

Hamza Esam says:

Best guy to unbox things

Ixxgxx says:

Need a dead cat on that rx.

Joshlolax says:

Can you have the websites you show in the video in the description, please?

Steve Edelen says:

I just bought my first canon DSLR but I miss the high frame rate for slow motion on the RX100 so badly that I dont even want to use it. How can this point and shoot have High Frame Rate for slow mo and My Full frame Canon only has 60 frames a second. Come on Cannon!! I need 120 and Im not gonna spend that dough for the 1dx. Sorry. The rx100 is a beast for B-Role!

kevin hampton says:

How does this compare to the M50?

Symph says:

Incredible device, really tricky price! Man thats a bar right there! hahaa

samlol23 says:

This video proves one thing.
Its NOT the camera.

Andy Bullen says:

ahhhh no mic input is a deal breaker….. but definitely several steps in the right direction for such a small form factor…. maybe good to have as a back up to have to get into places where a DSLR can’t travel, and just record your audio separately into a Zoom + lav

JKerman511 says:

Are you listening, Canon?

Tex Mex says:

24-200 is great, but 24-70 probably better. Why Because the 24-200 is F2.8–4.5, and the 24-70 is F1.8–2.8

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