The Gear That Changed Jordan's (Photographic) Life

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Jordan tells us about the one piece of photography gear that changed his life: the Panasonic GF1.

Check out Post Color Blog’s video featuring Jordan’s TRV-330:

Panasonic GF1 provided by The Camera Store’s Peter Jeune:

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Phil Nolan says:

3:49 young Chris Nichols – thanks for that piece of nostalgia

Kai Hendry says:

Canon G7X mkII got me making videos. Though tbh iPhone stabilization has caught up.

CC says:

Hey, same here Jordan. I'm missing the EVF attachment though (too rich for my blood at the time… also 2011). Still extremely happy with the 1st gen 20mm f1.7 and 14mm f2.5 on the GF1, especially when traveling or if I'm trying to be discreet on the streets. Recently picked up the 12-32mm retractable on the cheap just for traveling light with longer reach. The original 14-45mm beauty of a lot lens now sees very little service. Perhaps I should give it some love when COVID is over. Ahhh… nostalgia…
Congrats on a new addition to your family and wish you all the joy in your fatherhood.

cadmus777 says:

Panasonic NV DS15, my first Mini-DV video camera, and the HP Photosmart 945. Set me on a path many years ago that I'm still travelling down today!

Kyle Kwon says:

For me it was the Olympus OMD E-M5.

Gisele Smith says:

That opening sounded like a sleep deprived new parent…congrats on the baby! I enjoyed your "chat" with Ted Forbes on AOP.

Daniel Dougan says:

Hey, the GF1 shot AVCHD, so we should have seen Jordan on that camera too!

Right out of college in 2002, I got a job as a reporter at a small community newspaper. The pay was abysmal, and they didn't have dedicated photographers, so the reporters had to double as photographers. And that meant I got to use a Nikon D1. Needless to say, it made my Canon PowerShot A70 and my Pentax ZX-50 film SLR look like toys. The newspaper probably spent more on that camera than it spent on me, but I fell in love with the power of the DSLR. The D1 changed my life.

But, because I couldn't afford anything even remotely like that, I muddled through for many years with the A70, then the PowerShot S2 IS (that camera shot stills and video way back in 2005, albeit in standard definition), and then the Sony Cyber-Shot HX5V (which I still keep in my car just in case I see something worth photographing, and I don't have my real gear with me) before I graduated to the first interchangeable lens camera I ever owned: the Olympus E-PL1. I bought it used in early 2014, but that camera died on me after about six months, so then I got a used E-PL5 and ultimately graduated to my primary camera today: a used OM-D E-M1. I really got into birding with the E-M1 because it has phase-detect autofocus. Unfortunately, that camera is not great at shooting video, so last year I picked up a Panasonic G85 on Jordan's recommendation.

Elliot North says:

Why did you look so depressed at the beginning lol?

Alvin Lipscomb says:

Canon 20d made me a big fanboy for Canon for years, but I have since grown.

eye the moment says:

I always shot with camcorders and held off buying the Canon 5D 2 and 3 and then I got a bunch of weddings to shoot so went straight to 4K with the amazing GH4 which probably saved my back that first summer I got it.

Mike Burns says:

Great video….. just don't show the intro to your wife. You did nothing, Jon Snow!

simianinc says:

The Panasonic GX7 was the camera for me. It was refreshing to use after the large and heavy Canon 7D. Suddenly I started shooting more, had more fun, and the first photo I ever sold was taken with this camera,

Brian W says:

That was awesome. Loved it. Video sure has come a long way.

Alan Neilson says:

The GF1 was my first MFT camera I got it with the twin lense kit the 20mm and 14-45. I still had my Canon 5DMK2 and a range of lenes but just wanted something smaller as a carry around

Kay says:

That thumbnail reminded me of a Japanese “video” that I cant say out loud.

obayed haque says:

Congratulations Jordan. Best wishes for the new born baby. Please take care and stay safe.

philipp7pc says:

Honestly, after having used and owned a lot of cameras from the "professional" range – from 16mm film to Alexas – the one camera that really changed my life was the Lumix LX10/15. This might sound absurd. But it's the first camera that shoots decent footage and still goes into my pocket. And that was an absolute game changer in how I am thinking of "going out to shoot" or "being prepared to shoot". The best camera is the camera that you have with you.

pbasswil says:

Gear That Changed Jordan's life was … his bed! Or to be explicit: lack of time, currently, in bed. Happy fatherhood, Jordan! :^)

Chryseas S. says:

I was hoping for more baby specs, Jordan! So glad to hear that Evelyn has delivered and presumably all went well. Just don't call the baby Corona like the couple from India did ! This was a fun video and great to see and hear about your earlier influences.

Chet S says:

That opening was too much. Wow.

geoffrey says:

i think every piece of gear changes your life in a way, it’s more of a spectrum

smaller improvements (but still indispensable) :
– gaff tape
– bongo ties
– lens blower / cleaner / wipes
– purell so your hands aren’t greasy operating the camera

medium improvements :
– bringing your own water and snacks to a shoot
– pelican cases with trekpak + top lid storage
– nucleus nano/ mini follow focus
– canoscan 9000fiii so i save on film development and can scan super high if i want
– ronin s

the biggest improvements to the ease (and joy) of my workflow / the quality of my work
– small hd monitors
– prime manual lenses (often vintage)
– aputure 120d / mc lights (their whites are so good)
– my super 8 & bolex cameras
– smallrig everything

geoffrey says:

1) beginning a sentence with surely
2) when we cut to the one cam
3) that zoom in


Sam Aminisam says:

I still use my gf1/20. I basically use it in black and white mode. I love it, and I agree it's been the best camera I've ever had.

Bruno Lazaro says:

intro must have been shot on panasonic. is out of focus

Ildskalli says:

First of all, congratulations to Jordan and Evelyn on their new baby!

Now, I’m afraid I must disagree with almost everything you said about the early Micro Four Thirds cameras – the G1 was a very serious, enthusiast-oriented body, while the E-P1 had dual control dials and more control points than the GF1 (so, again, a more fully-featured body). Where the GF1 really excelled was in its size-to-features ratio. It was substantially smaller than the E-P1, while packing a ton of exciting features and capabilities… And the little Lumix pancake just made it better (although it’s most certainly NOT Leica branded).

The most pivotal video camera in my life was the Sony A77II. I had owned plenty of cameras capable of shooting video before it, but none produced results that I could consider acceptable. The A77II delivered solid 1080p with great AF and outstanding sound (for built-in mics), and was generally a pleasure to shoot with. I started dabbling in video thanks to it.

Chris Prouse says:

That brought back some wonderful memories… the days of miniDV tapes, when we had to log & transfer clips into Final Cut. Thanks for sharing Jordan, and congrats on the recent addition – hope you're all doing well 🙂

michael b says:

Well if you are tired now then hold onto your ass cause you're gonna be way more tired in 6 months. Naah just kidding but I do suggest you avoid having twins or triplets. That is a lot of work. Congrats.

Clayton Moore says:

Yep it was a T2i for me. I used a kit lens a 50mm and an 85mm. I was quickly blown away by what that camera did for video vs my DV/HDV tape cameras. Not so much in Detail over HDV but the DF of course and overall image esthetics. It was pretty clear things were poised to change and FAST. I never looked back. Now I'm on a GH5 and a UX180 Camcorder and waiting to see what develops in the next 24 months before I buy something all new.

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