The Galaxy Note 10 Secret Selfie Camera

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is on it’s way. It could be something radical. Video music via Artlist –

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Unbox Therapy says:

How cool is this idea though?


I had a note 2 3 4 and 5 and they were awesome phones I miss my pen. That thing comes in handy for real even without the gadgets


Dude that would be so convenient because cameras will become so tiny and so perfect that they will have people walking around filming with the pen

Kiki Masaki says:

Funny I didnt think I would like the look of the S10 series. But I do. And ended up getting an s10e while my note 9 is out of commission. That screen looked gorgeous.
But I dont think i would upgrade to the note 10.. I kind of dont like the fact the s10e doesn't have the iris scanner making unlocking the screen faster but less secure how you demonstrated..
Plus can you imagine how expensive a replacement s-pen would be with a camera attached to it?!

Shihab Almuharmi says:

To be honest I expected that but if it's not April fool,,,,,, I guess it will be the best crazy idea Samsung ever done on note

Dark Knight says:

I thinked this concept before 2 weaks ,how you got my concept….. did this concept really work???

WhoAmI h4ck3er,*% says:

Wait how does the camera connect to the phone if it is on the completely removable?

ADNAN KHAN 786 says:

That was my idea.

6ayou 60i says:

Well I can already control the camera with the S pen on my Note 9 so the S pen camera is not too far off

Atique Melic says:

Can you take a selfie?
Opps i lost my selfie camera

rohansudarshan says:

What is Bphon? Give us review about it…..

Sri nathcj says:

@Unboxtherapy bruhhhh
You are back to your previous look which is awesome with the glasses

Truly Yours says:

I phone 11 ??
We: shut up !
Samsung premium phones are elite..

Tony Hernandez says:

The FBI is going crazy looking at this concept. If this doesn’t happen the FBI prevented it from happening 💀💀💀

jeff ree says:

what if you just roll the front cam by sliding the side of your phone?

5ine says:

The s10 wasnt the first hole punch phone honor view 20 was the first one

Tyler says:

All these companies think I want my phone to fold and have 100 cameras on it

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