The Futuristic No-Button, No-Port Smartphone

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The Vivo Apex 2019 is a new take on smartphone design. This concept does away with all buttons and ports in favor of a completely solid form factor. Surprisingly Vivo has also left out the front-facing camera on the Apex 2019 concept. Is the lack of a front facing camera a deal breaker for you or is the compromise worthwhile in exchange for a true, full-display smartphone.

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Bukkake says:

Yo wtf !
bye bye iPhone .

KinglyGalaxy says:


but can you play apex legends on it

Amogh pratap singh says:

Plz film ur videos in 18:9.

John Brown says:

That phone is a future piece of shit , take that phone and throw that in the toilet 🚽 because that’s what it is shit 💩 !!!!!

Yash Cuncolcar says:

I never use the selfie cam 😂, except for video calls

Sorban Cristofor says:

Extraordinary. If it has true waterproofing, this is the one to go for.

محمد العامري says:

Who said that front camera is not essential

JackSwatman says:

I like it, would be interesting to see what water/dustproof rating they could get out of it

danny campbell says:

Full screen finger unlock would mean so many accidental unlocks! Especially putting your phone back in your pocket!

raouf moussa says:

I don't need a selfie camera, I can sacrifice that for a clean phone like this one

Ss Bankra says:

It's fucked all the phones

AlexMacIsKING says:

There's nothing wrong with buttons. Without them, I can't even imagine how many times I would brush against them gaming or watching videos, or just spinning my phone in my hand. It would be a mess.

Also, no selfie cam is gonna be a deal breaker for a lot of people in the premium price range. And I will always need a headphone jack.

Alex Smith says:

dude you look like shit

Shuvadeep Dey says:

Not interested! What's three big deal about no ports?? Impractical phone.

techie's videos says:

Yeah, great, now, can you please tell me how the heck will I hard reset my smartphone!??

XFlims 3000 says:

Instead of having a front-facing camera, why not have a back-facing screen?


Don't worry about the front facing camera Lew v can just put a webcam on the phone😜🤣😝

kian karimi nasab says:

you don't talk about NOKIA 9 pureview :/

Alvin Nwaokike says:

This looks and sounds like a Fairytale movie.. SLAY QUEENS will never buy this phone if it eventually hit the market. Cause they’re SELFIE addicts 🤣🤣🤣

Silver Angeles Woodlawn says:

I'm with the idea of doing away with the front camera… They need to find the solution for video calls then

Bartosz Gajda says:

welp if they added under display camera that would be perfect

everything you know says:

I need your help Lew

Techiepedia says:

💥💥Great apex 💥💥

Adithya Hari says:

What if their is wireless headphone jack

John Rodriguez says:

That charging is actually pretty cool, seems like less wear and tear

Amit Dey says:

This phone do has some differentiation I liked the part it doesn't have selfie camera as I do not need it actually or do I ??

Kiran Alokkan says:

Give it some 2 more yrs people. Companies are already working on underscreen camera. Combine that WITH Apex and it's the best phone in market.

Andy Hernandez says:

And the speakers?!

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