The FIVE Camera Smartphone Unboxing – Nokia 9 PureView (Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG, Roblox)

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Unboxing new Nokia 9 PureView spider-like 5 camera trypophobia smartphone. Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG Mobile and Roblox gameplay. This phone uses all 5 cameras data to create a detailed photo.
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Nicolaus Dr says:

Does the device enter the Android One program? On the case can not see the corresponding inscription!

Zeus Gaming says:

How much money do you have to buy these things

Бася Tube says:

Fortnight top

SSF Vids says:

awesome phone but the 5 cameras and the flashlight on the back reminds me of trypophobia.
why did you play roblox? roblox is a bad game because of it's horrible community, in game currency, chat system, games and the infamous april fools 2012 hack that made roblox facing it's demise but roblox had sucessfully cheated the demise.

HBS says:

Wow 😮 a camera with features of smart phone

Despa cito says:

From 1, to 2, to 3 and
not one, not two, not three, but FIVE CAMERAS

spa ghet says:

I didn't even know this phone existed until now

McFade. says:

Please do a knife collection video

Sagad Hader says:

Gave't to me please I don't have a phone

suomi boy 468 says:

Suomi perkele


7 cameras not 5

Seif Saleh says:

Hero complete

Lahmacun says:

Master Yi ?

Manim Kunkei says:

Quem tem tripofobia nunca teria um smartphone desse

IamFrost says:

insted of testing the camara plays games… ffs

Mateusz Milcarz says:

Zagraj w games brawl strs

Marino Z says:

I hope it has old school thuffness

Θωμάς Λιαπης says:

Hey relaxing end… We're are you from?

Hendra febriadi says:


Captain Future says:

You know CoD Mobile is coming soon, are you gonna Test this beside Fn and PubG in upcoming videos with Smartphones or tablets?

U chanel says:

the full video taking by Nokia 9 ?

FINbear says:

Etkös sä oo suomalainen?

Richard Zukhbaia says:

Old school Nokia .Welcome Back boy ❤️

Bass Boosted Romania says:

Everybody: Why would I need a 5 camera phone?

Nokia: Because yes

Elias Hakala says:

Nokia: runs roblox


Искандер Махмудов says:

Every Finnish guy must have:Ushanka,bottle of Vodka, NOKIA3310

Siddartha Raj says:

Give ikonic skin to me

Gamer killer says:

what do you prefer android or ios

Sebastian Mukasa says:

I'm felt relaxed in the beginning and end

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