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The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 houses a tremendous number of cameras. It features a penta camera setup on the rear of the device. This large number of camera options makes the Mi Note 10 one of the most versatile smartphones of 2019.

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_BodhiWier_ says:

If u sub to me I will shout u out in this comment

Shout out to: mistermister

Dofri Zulkifli says:

Mi note 10 bang bang

Balvin Richards says:

It’s so sad that when phones are reviewed now having a headphone jack is a feature

TaHookS Gamer says:

Review the bold n1

Indranil Chowdhury says:

Am I the only one who is curious about 4 flash?

Hyper Beast says:

they should have used an sd 855 that would have been great.

Michael Garcia says:

Market : how many cameras can we get in the mi note 10?

Xiaomi : yes.

I know. I know.


Many got this wrong. The beast 🔥 comes in February with the best cameras and with their own 108 MP main sensor. Mi Note 10 was just a testing protocol by Sam

Darth Bidder says:

Tbf, Xiaomi has always been behind when it comes to camera software so even if the camera is 108MP it still won't look as good as the others that will eventually have the same camera sensor.

Technical bros says:

Redmi note 8 pro unboxing

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