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Had the chance to take a look at the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone. This thing retails for under $1000 and features 4K video, stabilized video (via gimbal), 1.2 mile range and a 64GB SD card to capture it all. It’s an all-in-one package, super easy to use.

From the manufacturer –

The X-Star Premium has twice the HD Live View range compared to the X-Star, includes a larger 64-GB card, and comes packed in a semi-hard, splash-proof, zippered premium case.

The X-Star Premium is a sophisticated yet amazingly easy-to-fly quadcopter designed for superb aerial imagery. The 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal can record crystal-clear, smooth Ultra HD videos or take 12-MP photos with HD Live View up to 1.2 miles away. This drone is ready to fly out of the box, and can be flown with or without the help of the free Starlink mobile app. Powered by an intelligent flight control system, dual GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation and aided by the Starpoint Positioning System, the drone stays safe and stable, even indoors or at low altitudes. Where other drones might become erratic or fly away when there is magnetic interference, the X-Star is equipped with our exclusive SecureFly technology to help your drone come back home safely.

Learning to fly the X-Star is easy: you can start the motors, take off and land, hover, or have the drone automatically return home by using the one-touch buttons on the remote controller. The controller’s integrated LCD displays critical flight information, allowing the Starlink mobile app to show fullscreen live HD video. Starlink brings a wealth of autopilot features such as follow, orbit, waypoints, and also lets you adjust camera settings and record images in flight. With the X-Star Premium from Autel Robotics, a new perspective is just one flight away.

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Prashanth Kn says:

Damn I ordered it the costody people took the drone

WillR33 says:

Lots of people have been wondering about this drone in 2019. To be honest, it's still 100% worth it for whatever price you can find. Everything still works great and I fly mine daily since I got it a few days ago. I paid substantially less than I would have for a DJI, and arguably got a better drone with the same camera.

Ludo Wolf says:

It legit looks like a complete phantom copy lol

Theo says:

DJi way better

camgreer says:

Is it possible to use an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet instead of a phone to fly a drone like this?

8-bit septiceye says:

lew liar i thought i could trust him wth

Husnain Ali says:

Hey bro give me this drone i like this very much iam poor if you give me i thankful to you

joe fuller says:

Still a great drone in 2019

Unknown Kid says:

He low-key always bullying JACK and WILL lmao😂😂😂😂

Ganesh Subramanya says:

its so lame when you are watching in 2019

Juls Saro says:

How much is the drone go for ?

laszlo katona says:

Nedd it to be more affordable !
I dont by chin made as i was robbed by chins

Kusshal Singh says:

Sir you are having this many drone can you give one drone here 😋

F3ARHappy says:

The mavic air is better 😂

Wartortleland says:

To me, this is a better deal than the Phantom 4. It's more future-proof, has better customer support, upgradable, and more unique.

Anonymous says:

Please please give me a drone sir i need a lot sir and i really need it not telling a lie

Saheb 000 says:

Is it run by automatically?

Yuvraj Kandhil says:

Can it do flips

Spencer Becker says:

What is the instrumental at 2:55 or so ? I want itt

sohaib malik says:

its better to buy a dji than this.shit in this price


i want a drone plzzzzz give me that one

Optic Godz Gamin says:

Oh shit i saw my building it's in Toronto

Mathias Lindroth says:

The information on the box said that the range is only 1.24 miles when there is no interference or obstruction. If there was interference or obstruction, what would the control range be then?

ayushree deshmukh says:

Unbox eachine e58 Its a clone of dji mavic pro

Raiyan Rizwan says:

Peculiar. Have they changed the camera-gimbal protective plastic holder thing since I got it?

Stoyan Zahariev says:

DJI MAVIC AIR – Cheaper and better! DJI MAVIC PRO – almost the same price 7km range! DJI is DJI!!!

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