The differences between DSLR and SLR cameras

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If you’re in the market for a professional camera, there are 2 main types to consider — SLR and DSLR. Tech Expert Marc Saltzman discusses the main differences between the two and how to choose the right one for your photography needs.

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Antank says:

I thought you were going to give a reason why SLR cameras were good in their own right but okay

Chrstphre Campbell says:

i suppose the technology for a moving mirror has been around forever, but retaining it after the Digital Element was introduced seems highly redundant ! Why not just allow the Light to go straight through, and put the screen under the traditional view finder, AND on the back ? It seems that this would eliminate a huge potential for mechanical problems for the life of the camera ?

Kristjan Saaremagi says:

Short, simple, at to the point and speaking clearly. What else u can want to be? Just perfect!! :)))

Ethige Bernard says:

Very simple way good explanation. Thank very much.

Imti 人Gaming says:

it was really helpful

hrthrhs says:

Keep in mind everyone there are advantages to film SLR cameras. I'm always suspicious when a source of information gives the advantages of only one side – and my suspicious were confirmed as at the end of this video they advertised their products – which must only be digital SLR cameras.
Over all digital is the way to go, but the advantages of film may prove more useful to a select few. Film can be more durable in extreme environments, requiring less care and the lack of digital recording means the batteries can last for years. Some don't even need batteries to operate.
So yeah keep this in mind when getting info from a source which tries to sell their own products.


Thanks alot


Layla Moore says:

Thank you for not making a long drawn out explanation. Easy to understand and to the point!

Dhiraj Barai says:

Does SLR background blur?

Baber Bugti says:

Hi sir, I wanna buy an digital camera, Nikon coolpix p900 or p1000 better for too long range like space pics & videos? Or if recommending the lens for this purpose then which lens?
Or any other digital camera if you are recommending then plz give me full detail with model nmbrs of camera & lenses also with prices. Thanks sir.

kintaro oe says:

thanks for the explanation

Justin justintheman says:

love my dslr but l like my mirror less a lot

Abdisamad Khalif says:

Thank you 🙂

MVZA says:

What about prosumer camera like nikon p900 or canon sx60 what kind of those camera?

Debasish Nayak says:

Can the pic that click on the SLR gets blure???????

Arnold C. says:

Very clean quick explanation. Good stuff

Elsa Prasad says:

thank u for this information😍😍😍

Md Abdur Rohim Faysal says:

Thanks for good explain…..

Resinds .P says:

The Nikon d3100 is a slr…

Im OP says:

a person can never learn photography in DSLR

islam 4 all says:

hello sir i want to know is 1300d is dslr or slr plz reply

AC/DC says:

Great video 👌

76np says:

Thanks! This video was super clear -very well explained!

Rasu Tamizha says:

good information

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