The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2019!

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16 smartphones. You chose a winner. This is what you picked!

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Atum says:

What happened to his eye?

Edge says:

Please add some DSLRs in the next comparisons. I wanna see those overpriced bulky pieces of useless tech used by pretentious people be obliterated by a $500 phone 20x smaller their size.

Siddhartha Moravekar says:

Flex pie really. Could have gone with oppo reno 10x zoom instead of that shit.

KG paul says:

brought new macbook for me please

TickRate Gaming says:

Funny to see that the iPhone had been his choice of camera of the year, and the blind test did the oppoisite

Edge says:

Pixel 4 colors are so good. I'm still happy with my S10+ though, with that ultrawide camera.

MohammedTamimi says:

I like your t shirt

Zebedee Kawei says:

who else here after the Smartphone Awards 2019?

Abbas Abbadi says:

Love my Note10+, and happy it won

Max S says:

more focus = more information – I guess I agree with people and my vote goes to Samsung Note 10+

stelious marvel says:

Is it just me,or doesMKBHD have a red left eye

Mavy Heads says:

Shouldn't there be (n!) comparisons?

Jon Speed says:

When you take a picture with a phone, you don't want the sensor or the tech deciding what should or should not be in focus. Give me everything in focus and I will edit if I desire things to be out of focus.

NUKE says:

Very nice video! I love the idea!

Adesh Ranka says:

I thought you will include the Nokia 9 pureview in the competition.

Lefty Libertarian says:

Honestly, the mate 30 pros Tesla roadster picture. The roadster sorta looks Photoshoped in there. Didn't like it. Looked really fake.

Piscean XENOS Infopinion says:

Viewers do like HDR10+ photos over blurred shots,but Samsung note10 can also use live focus or food mode to get same blurred background.

Lorena Romero says:

Damn he really called me a fool

Mohamad Abdel Rida says:

What happens if you throw in a DSLR?😮

Fraunkat Davies says:

I'm the bald guy

Yayan JMR says:

Yg dari Indonesia like

I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder. says:

He's so butthurt 😂😂😂

Ng Xiang Yu says:

1st how does the k20 pro beats p30 pro…
2nd the opponent of note 10+ until mate 30 pro in kinda….🤨

IvanVlogs says:

I trust the audience more than the techno mumbo jumbo we are told about by "smartphone camera critics".

Hazim Fadzli says:

Could you make a blind test for selfie camera too?

Fernando Jr Ocon says:

Masses dont know photography . Pixel 4 clearly wins.

vishwank v rai says:

iPhone 11 pro😂😂

vishwank v rai says:

Mi note 10 pics looks better without 108mp option☹️

Darkion ™ says:

Why is my phone winning I legit despise skin tones on the S10.

Koala Brows says:

Now I know what to buyyy

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