The Best Underrated Vlogging Camera (EOS M6 Review)

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Here is the newest mirrorless camera from Canon, the EOS M6. It is the optimal vlogging camera as it is smaller and more compact than the DSLR, yet has interchangeable lenses which makes it a better candidate than your typical point and shoot if you are into cinematics. Vlog 369

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Andrew Applepie:


con amano says:

What dslr are you using?

Daryl and Liz Vlog says:

Idol, what lenses ddid you use for M6?

Fritz Amansec says:

Yun oh 🙂 !!!!

kawai pineapple says:

Flipping screen and handy

Mr. Peta TV says:

Will dosivich turuan mo naman ako paano mag vlog… Kasi gusto maging katulad ni cong…. Hehhehehe

Honeyvher Nhorvher says:

Kuya will paano po mag start mg blog? Thank you po

Aien Reyes says:

Ok po ba stabilizer nian canon m6?

pinoy trending says:

How many mm Lens she used?

anything goes says:

alodia is so lovely ddamn !

CHVbros yuri says:

i use camera is 200d

Billy Mangino says:

Why in the world would you upload 1080p footage test in 720p?

Keir Jaspher Corong says:

can i have canon eos 80d, a christmas gift for me

Dee Adventurer says:

Go Master! Still learning from the experts! 😀
More travel vlogs po.
Newbie travel vlogger here. 🙂

Master Diablo says:

3:04 mygod. ang ganda <3

Graham Sherrington says:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz who? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What!!


How much is the camera 'cause i want to be a vlogger but the issue is that im not that popular to have many subscribers and buy a camera, also my parents is not allowing me to vlog but im still pushing to do my best so that i can be a vlogger and a youtuber.

Edit: new subscriber😁

Richard Beljot says:

Fast autofocus and lowlight capabilities for vlogging

Anna Ogena says:

Would you know where can i buy the view finder? thanks!

I am Einra Fierce says:

Sweet couple 😊😊😊

Rhea Lopez says:

Kylan kaya ko makakabili nyan…arbor naman tsong hehehe i always watch your vlog!!!!

Kool Kid Vlogs says:

I will invest in that

Roaming Tourist says:

She’s 😍 so beautiful!

Uly Ritual says:

it's kind of shaky tho.. nice vlog parin

mark ockwell says:

I still use and love my Canon Eos M (1) the auto focus as never been the best, but for video shooting its still very very good…..8)

Jm Madrigal says:

Hi po sana mabiyayaan ng kahit lumang camera na pang vlog hhaha para makapag video nako haha nakaka i spire tlaga kayo na mag vlog den yung ibang tao

Sir Phil says:

Regardless of the camera i think content is always king when you vlog. But that retro look on the camera thou.. Looks really cool!

Eyndroo says:

japan is where eric and alodia date and they have a great time there, i just want to know cause im curious although im a solid #Wilodia fan #SS☝🏻 , but how did alodia and eric break up? whats the reason? because when you watch old vids of alodia , she was telling that all that she wants from a guy is in eric's characteristic, and she is happy with that, so anyone who can clarify with that ? and then how many years thay have been together? and what year did they break up?

PS: dont hate me , im way to curious thats all, im not an eric's fan, but a solid Wilodia fan 🙂

Ryle Dan says:

oh wow, yes, the photo QUATILY does look good XD

erlinda villasenor - arago says:

Nice shoots

Katrin Jan Favie Lamorena says:

What was the bigger camera you were using before?

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