The Best Tracking I’ve Ever Seen! – OBSBOT Tail AI Camera Review

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Review of OBSBOT Tail, an AI camera that follows & records movement in 4K60 automatically. This video focuses on its image quality & tracking performance.
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Tom Braselton says:

Dang, Gerald, how long did you have this unit? Your comprehensive review is really impressive. I hope the company uses what you pointed out in their development. This really makes me wonder what you did/do in real life. I feel you work in a 3x speed compared to me sometimes. Great findings and I appreciate your review.

philaw123 says:

I remember seeing different solutions a couple of years back where it was the mount that tracked the subject so you could mount any camera you wanted. There were even smaller versions for phones. The way these worked was the subject would wear a device that the mount would follow. The beauty of these old systems is that you had versatility with regards what camera to use. The strength of the OBSBOT is that the camera is the one tracking you and can adjust to changing light. The strength of all these systems is that it allows a 1 man production to work away from the camera and still have the shot on him at all times even when moving around. The weakness of all these systems is if you have to work far away from the camera, you may end up returning to find the whole system gone.

Heru Rishardana says:

Very thorough testing, thank you for sharing your findings.

Just Do It Tom says:

Just use the osmo

Dunna Did It says:

WHATS HAAAAAPENNING to this channel… it feels like its missing something 😉

Great video dude, seems like such a cool unit. Reminds me of those MEVO(I think) cameras that came out a few years ago. I think this would work really well for cooking videos. If you could set up across from an island kitchen and you would have some space to move back and forth to show what you need.

TheSmeagol630 says:

What has haaaapened to the "what is haaaapening"? Honestly, this chill intro is good too! I quite like the two thumbs you point to yourself. That is important.
Also, this product seems like a reapplied tracking CCTV camera…

ThePandaPhotographer says:

Another good review from the undone man, hehe

The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast says:

Not bad.. the visual isn't great but it's a start

Forrest Gibson says:

My overall opinion is that you should do/say whatever you want, but I will say I never really liked the "What is Happening" intro. It felt forced imo, but if you liked doing it then don't listen to me or anyone else! I say mess around with your greeting until you find one you really like! These videos should make you just as happy as they make us! Big fan of your content btw!

pebmets says:

Great work as usual. In general, I am a pessimist when it comes to many kickstarter projects. I wonder if what was initially promised will ever come to fruition. The tracking appears to be great, but when it comes to other things, (i.e metering, manual controls, iq, noisy fan, and some other items), I wonder if the developers factored in additional costs to resolve issues that come in the first version of the product. Some of the draw backs for me may be addressed in future upgrades, but R&D is a very large cost in developing products and in my opinion, Kickstarter projects sometimes have issues coming up with these additional funds to keep the initial concept evolving. I want to believe that the developers will address some of the issues you brought up, but I keep going back to if they budgeted enough out of what they thought they would get to make these types of changes while maintaining a practical price point? Wow I was really long winded today. Keep up the great work and look forward to your next video.

Dance Battles says:

For a compitition where you need to track, this would be great

Sush_Daddy says:

LMAO that intro tho

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