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The RX100 M5 is the best point and shoot of 2018, period. It’s crazy how good the images come out of this tiny guy, which proves good things do come in small packages! Hope you guys enjoyed this type of a hybrid vlog video 🙂


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Brian Johnson says:

suffocation advocate

Oleg Shevchenko says:

Hi , I am using Sony and Canon cameras for my videos, but Sony files very long loaded to Final Cut Pro.What about this new model – the same or Sony it makes more compatible with FCP? Thanks.

Surprise Kids Tube says:

Great review

liza cruz says:

Rx100, hx90v,hx80??
Which one i will buy ?? Somebody help??

lou says:

What yuppie ass hotel is that ?

Jake R says:

I have the RX100 V and I can really recommend it👍

Connor Garr says:

Really would love to buy this bad boy, would be especially good to bring and film while partying to make videos, here in Berlin but unfortunately the price just makes it sooooo challenging.

I Like You says:

Can I please have some help? I've been trying to figure out what to get specifically for YouTube videos.

I've been using 1 g7x mk1 & 3 SJ4000 action cams for about 3-4 years now, and the canon does great in low light, but 1 of my sj4000's broke a few weeks ago.
At first I thought I should get an action camera, then point and shoot, then dslr, now camcorder…basically, I have no idea.

I would probably need 2 cameras. I have a g7x mk 1, which does really great in my low light setting even with just those 2 lights, BUTTTT, only records video for about 10-15 mins before stopping.

The problem is that my setting is virtually pitch black, aside from the 2 Neewer 176 LED lights I use pointed on my drums.
^ I've researched and learned that action cams don't do well in low light and adding more light can even make a bad camera better, so I may be getting 2 more of those Neewer lights and have 1 on each corner of my drum rug.
But what about point and shoots? Action Cameras?


My lighting setup/scenario:
* Black background all around my walls.
* I use 2 Neewer 176 LED lights on myself and my drums with no living room lights on and the Neewers at around 10-20% brightness
^So it's basically pitch black aside from the LED lights.

Things I don't care about:
1. Audio quality (I get that edited)
2. Stabilization – they'll be mounted on a tripod or boom mic stand.
3. 4k – though it'd be cool to shoot in that and slow down for super slo-mo, but I think I can do that with 1080, 60fps

Things I care about:
*Price: Range $300-$500 (I may need 2 cameras, so, yeah)
^^^Though I'm willing to spend a little more on a good DSLR/point and shoot if I have to and possibly just get 1 camera while I continue to use my g7x mk1.

1. Shoots great video quality in a low to no light studio.
2. Has a pretty good color profile in low light.
3. NO Grain/Noise in my low light setting.
4. Adjustable settings (WB, ISO, Exposure, etc)
5. Long record time – at least 45 mins (I don't need 5,6,7+ hours, but at least 45 mins, most likely an hour in 1 video)
6. Great battery life – I don't wanna have to interrupt my drumming to swap out batteries.
***Bonus if it can be plugged in charging while recording.

My options: Action cams – DSLR/Point n shoot – Camcorder

1. GoPro Hero 5 Black – not performing well in my studio so far..
2. Yi Lite – haven't gotten yet
3. Yi-4k – haven't gotten yet
4. SJ7 Star – haven't ordered.
5. Canon EOS M50
6. Canon EOS Rebel T4i
7. Canon EOS Rebel T5i
8. Canon EOS Rebel T6
9. Canon 70D (but pretty expensive for 1 camera)
10. Canon EOS 700D
11. Canon EOS Rebel SL2
12. Panasonic Lumix LX10
13. Panasonic Lumix G7 4k
14. Nikon D3200 24.2 MP
15. Sony 4k FDRAX33
16. Sony Handycam CX405
17. Canon Vixia HF R72 Camcorder

I'd really appreciate some help with this. I'm a drummer, not a photographer lol This stuff is confusing.

Thanks in advance.

Javier Cantu says:

What sunglasses are those

Ticket Master says:

what's the brand of your sunglass anyway

11Sexypapichulo says:

Hi, I need some advice. I need a point and shoot camera that will work great in low light, no grainy videos, good in loud music, record in HD, have a good zooming capability and stabilizer at an affordable price. I like the video quality of the Panasonic Lumix ZS60 but its too expensive for me. is this camera good for concerts? im planning on going to a concert next year and I want the best camera that will record in clear HD or 4K.


Is it good for concerts???


Battery life sucks

Safwan Sadiq says:

Is the Auto Focus of the Sony RX100 better than Canon 80D Dual Pixel AF

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