The BEST Medium Format Camera for Travel | Mamiya 6 Review

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Easily one of my favorite medium format cameras I’ve ever owned, the Mamiya 6 deserves every bit of praise that it gets.

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theoldcameraguy says:

I spy the Hocking Hills – Great images. I’m one of those lazy guys that appreciates a built in meter and aperture priority. Nice feature set and that 75mm lens looks very versatile.

Z Z says:

It's the last medium format I've bought and will likely ever buy (it would take a huge change in my shooting style and tolerance for bulk to buy an RZ67 or Pentax67). The Mamiya 7 for whatever reason did the unthinkable and removed the bellows, which kills one of the main draws of the system, which is portability/size.

Monza1966 says:

I will show you where the gold is

Samuel Elkins says:

Great review – I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of my Mamiya 7ii, seriously such an amazing camera and lens lineup 🙌🏽

Moishe Lettvin says:

Saw this video go up, immediately impulse-bought a Mamiya 6 off eBay before even watching it. I'd been eying one since forever, of course, and was debating between that and a Hasselblad 503. Realized that neither of them was gonna get any cheaper and might as well go ahead and get one. My first ever medium format camera was a Fuji GS645W, which is honestly a great camera, but I'm so stoked to get the larger negative and (beautiful!) interchangeable lenses in a rangefinder.

Joe Tobiason says:

Thanks for the video. To anyone who gets one, make sure you keep extra batteries with you. Because they die and the camera stops until you get more.

I Hate Photographers says:

A Matt day video at night??
A surprise to be sure but a welcome one

William Rieselbach says:

I have wanted one of these since they first came out!

Sean C says:

Mamiya 6 could be up there for perfect camera if it didn't require me to remortgage my house.

spyrate kondax says:

Make a Canon a1 shooting video!! I saw it sitting on the shelf behind you!!

Kiddox says:

who else voted to put this up “2nite” 😆

Phil Knall says:

I miss the mamiya6's compactness and handling… Even though I know I didn't like square format at all. It's truly the most fun to use camera I ever had.

steve says:

Glad I got one before you posted this as prices will now go boom 😂 but unreal video as always

Oliver7632 says:

well hello there

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