The Best Camera of 2019 • Canon EOS-R vs 1dx Mark ii

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What is the best camera for 2019?? Well today we look at the Canon 1dx Mark ii against the brand new Canon Eos-R! Which do you think will be the best camera of 2019?
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Shot on a Canon 70d
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sawyerhartman says:

What do you think is the best camera for 2019? and WHY?! Let's get a conversation going!

ChaosToTheEnd says:

But the 1dx can't do anything without the battery

Faith Delivers says:

canon xc10 I think is the best 4k mini professional camcorder that canon has its amazing trust me please buy it then make vlog about it. Warfield

Hernán Oyanader says:

Im a wedding photographer from Chile and i have a canon 5d mark iii at the moment. Its a great camera but i think is time for a change.
Would you recommend the eos r for wedding photography?

The Nardcast says:

Would you use the eos-r for commercial / client video work if you didn’t have the 1DX?

앙동우théé says:

But bro eos 1 is older…

TheRealDamiani says:

Waiting for the 1RX

vijctoria says:

forever waiting? for the next model that costs less, and better specs. saw somebody who was regretful for buying a canon model before a new model was successively released at the same price, but with apparently better specs

magic nala says:

I don't take any video at all which camera just for photo ?

mikewinburn says:

Hhhmmm…. seems in both video and photo, the 1Dx2 prevented blooming of the highlites… extremely important in creating a true to life image…when both were white balanced, for me it was especially noteworthy. The RP did a fine job for sure. Maybe their pro body mirrorless will be able to truly compete.

Jeff Jean says:

LOL. canon would never make a camera that competes with flagship. Lol 😂 I wish.

Nandos Dan says:

My phones got better specs than the EOS R… Lolz

Peter Carpowitz says:

Great comparison ! Thanks !

Peepers 47 says:

Interesting but the price difference…

Codlot says:

Oh man by the looks of it, your 1DX MKII is not loved 🙁

Violet Henning says:

Mmmh and i am stuck between buying 1Dx ii or the Z6 nikon

Krane says:

Dude you have put some serious mileage on the 1DX. Taking that into account that's as robust as DSLRs get, few cameras beneath it would hold up to the use you'll put it through. Reason prime why the pro would choose it.

The other reason is as you stated, 14 fps with up to 16 fps in burst mode which is the cameras fundamental purpose. In an environment where every good photo is worth money, they could never settle for anything less. A thumbs up for showing us the difference.

magic nala says:

Hi Thanks
Just I want camera for shoot photo not video.
Which canon camera is better?

Ravencroft says:

By 2020 the full potential and possibilities of the RF lens-ecosystem became apparently obvious. Canon engineers took full advantage of the RF mount, implementing IBIS in their overly expensive pro-grade body and announced R-II. Canon sensors could do backflips and somersaults behind the large mount. The compact RF 70-200mm F2.8 and magical RF 85mm F1.2 stunned photography connoisseurs around the world with their overall optical quality and sharpness. Canon was forced to include a disclaimer warning customers not to attempt slicing bread with RF glass.
Sony customers who had invested thousands in fantastic GM glass and feature packed bang for their buck A7III bodies in 2018 felt betrayed by rumours Sony was developing a new FF mount to remedy the limitations in lensdesign and [email protected] peekaboo IBIS created by an obsolete APC mount.

Brent Calver says:

Did you guys run any kind of filter on the 1D X footage? In the first comparison as you're talking non-stop about them looking identical at 1080/24, it looks like the dude was low-passed all to hell on the left. I'm all for a smooth cinematic feel but killing detail is something I can do after-the-fact if I really want.

Erin Kaethe says:

thanks sawyer!!

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

1DXMKll 18Megapixel WorkHorse. Flock this gimmick Eos R

kostas konstantinidis says:

men all those Sony fanboyz are they ever shoot with their cameras (if they have a camera) or they are all the time infront of a screen commenting on how great Sonys are, even though they never use them??

David Bajayo says:

This comparison makes no sense at all.

Meng Komnap says:

Very nice bro


How we can bye it and how much its us dollar?

Tampaniac Productions says:

Did you talk about the variable ND filter attachment? I never have to screw on , switch, smug & clean another lense filter! That's a game changer especially when running and gunning! Or the trap door that shuts in front of the sensor every time you take a lense off! I think Canon image quality always looks better but that is subjective and pretty much split down the who cares but i'm right!

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