The BEST Camera of 2018 • SONY A7R III vs. 1DX Mark ii

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What is the best camera for 2018?? Well today we look at the Canon 1dx Mark ii against the brand new Sony A7R iii! Which do you think will be the best camera of 2018?
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Shot on a Canon 70d
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Zander's Universe says:

Advice: keep your full head in the frame.

Anantam Bisht says:

Do I need to sell both my kidneys to buy any of these camera?

Mr Nishant Thengre says:

Can u tell me which lens is that

Chris Contact says:

Did you update the Sony? If you updated it did the update improve the sony?

Chris Contact says:

I dont know what sony did, but thier lenses are so much better at focusing on thier cameras. Tamron blows thier clarity away, but sony gm lenses are acceptable clarity. Wish the Tamron or Canon lenses focused better on the a7 series.

Phodiso Gasealolwe says:

That's not a fair comparison

Слава Герасимович says:

these two not comparable 🙂 you should try sony a9 vs 1dx II you'll change your opinion about the best AF and the a9 is absolutely comparable because it was created with the thought point, for the sports events, as well as 1dx camera.
And the sony a7 r3 is just camera for huge prints and not for the hurry work. Even the A7 III much faster than RIII because of the same AF system from the A9 but with slower processor.

Beautiful Wedding Film says:

The best camera for 2018 is the GH5

TankyPlayz101 says:

i just bought the sony……

Todd Imbriaco says:

is this still relevant?

qwiklok says:

Be fair in the comparison..Canon with Canon glass. Sony with Sony glass. Not Sony with metabones with Canon glass.
Uhhh, don't forget the price difference. $6,000 vs $3,000 – Double for Canon – hmmmmm. doh!

And better yet, why not compare Canon Flagship with Sony flagship A9 and with Sony glass. Do that and the Canon stays at home. Or even better, Sony with Sony / Zeiss glass. Zeiss has a glory all to its own. Put on any one of the new Zeiss Otus lenses and your jaw will drop. Zeiss has something I can't describe and it is simply beautiful overall – not pixel peeping stuff, but majesty, wholesomeness, warm and fuzzy, etheral. A story well told and taken.

From what I have been hearing, Sony G and G Master glass is being praised as better than the others best. A bit more money, but with an A9, now you have a fair comparison. Dollar for dollar.

By using an adapted system that was not even designed for the Sony, that Sony held its own and then some. Wonder what would happen if you put Sony glass on a Canon and compared it to a Sony with Sony glass? eh? eh?

I see your point though – you already have 25 chunks of very expensive Canon glass. Maybe you should find a buddy who has 25 chunks of Sony glass. Enough said

Myfitness3 says:

What size of those lanes you get on the camera

Supremelly Superblly says:

Canon now days use old sensor technology

Supremelly Superblly says:

If you want something better than 1dx go sony a9

Kennith Rosales says:

lols ur using canon lense in sony camera? how unfair. buy sony lense to be fair

norhern loon says:

Canon is twice the price but not anywhere near twice the camera. So, common sense tells me by the Sony.
The fact that you have a barrel full of Canon lenses makes you perhaps little biased Lol

Harrison Poppitt says:

Keep in mind Sony is around $2000-3000 and the cannon is $6000-7000.

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:


Great White says:

How much the lense cost thanks

swiss drone photos says:

Canon fanboy 😂

Thomas Vogt says:

Not one word about the huge difference in price? SAD!

Raj Nibhani says:

Which lenses are those

Mysticwarrior says:

What lens are those??

Gopro Vlogs says:

Can you do a vs video. 1DX vs red

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