The Best Budget VLOG Camera & Point and Shoot! Sony WX 350

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The Sony DSC-WX 350 may be the best budget camera you can buy. It has great image quality and sound quality at an unbelievable price of $155 online. If you are on a budget and want a camera that can do it all. I don’t think you can find a better camera for $155!

Check out the Sony DSC-WX 350 specs at


Roger Boyle says:

What settings do you suggest for telephoto?

Lee B says:

I agree mate .
It’s a vest pocket travel camera with a zoom that really works .
Run though a decent post pro program ( I use p shop elements) the results as long as not pushed to big match my Nikon D7000 .
I have a screen snoot as I have eye trouble but you can make one out of card that will do the job for next to nothing .
The zoom is brilliant at the price . And like yourself mate have done serious club work in the UK for many years my fav being my Mamiya RB67.
I paid £120 and it’s my take all the time shooter.
Happy shooting .

Don't Watch This says:

I'm sorry I haven't tried low light situations yet, but it does have built in modes for low light and night shooting

hen mariah says:

Hi, what do you think about the camera's performance in low light i.e concerts? I've previously used Panasonic lumix dmc tz5 which is okay but has only 10x optical zoom and sometimes you need more than that.

Don't Watch This says:

Thanks it supports normal sd cards I have a SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 SDHC

AJMakesVids says:

Good video and what SD Card does it support

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