The BEST Budget 4K Camera! $500 STEAL – Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Review (G7 Review)

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AntLion ModMic:
The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 (or just Panasonic Lumix G7) is the best budget 4K camera for video that you can buy today. Especially if you can catch one of the $500 sales for it.

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Panasonic G7 Body + 14-42mm Kit Lens:

Rokinon 12mm T2.2 Cine Lens for Micro Four Thirds Mount:

Top 5 Reasons to NOT Buy a Panasonic G7 for Video – G7 Issues – Panasonic Lumix G7 Review —

This camera features a convenient mirrorless design, provides fantastic 4K Ultra HD video quality at 100 mbps, can also shoot 1080p 60 FPS, and is compatible with a wide variety of lenses.

I recommend the Panasonic Lumix G7 to ANYONE wanting to start YouTube or making high-quality content. This review includes a video quality test, video test, review, and sample shots of the DMC-G7 4K mirrorless camera.

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MWW-STUDIOS mww says:

I thought you were talking about the G7

Arayum says:

Can I hook up external mic?

Dante Gamer says:

It's good for do photos?

CrazedScientistGaming says:

How exactly do you compensate for the dropped frames

Apostolos Vakirtzis says:

Great video! I also used g7 and g6 before that! Panasonic g7 is great little camera!!!

Randy Castillo says:

Great video. I have a question. Could I use couple of these cameras for a hour and a half live stream? Or will it shut off after 30 mins? I just want to grab image.

News that matter says:

This will may great amateur porn in the bed room! Now injustice need a women..not to pick even a midget will do.

leighton lanzetta says:

well counts me out i dont want a camera with a time limit while recording…. do you knwo if the gh5 has that dumb timelimet trash on it.. i want to use it for live streaming and filming friends sets when they play live and dont want a time limit

Ken O'Neill says:

Stabilisation looked quite shaky with the ginger cat clip, premium phones shoot steadier 4K than that.

Bryan Dean says:

Please show more example videos and stills in your next review(s). Your cat has beautiful color.


Dmc g7 and G7 whats the difference?

daniella kush says:

Could you use this camera with an encoder to stream ?

can i get to 1000 subscribers before my birthday says:

help needed
is the panasonic lumix dmc-g7 and panasonic g7 the same camera

Shabash says:

Hey! What adapter are you using to use that old Nikon lens? I want to use my Nikon E series 50mm and I don't know what to use!

Lupulocéfalo says:

Can you use the microphones you recommend with the mic input of the g7?

Michael Ward Photography says:

Excellent video!

Anan Abourafeh says:


lion Roar says:

Yes cropped 4k, not v bad for vblogg, no dual pixel in 4k. This camera has the worst autofocus system very annoying, wont recommend for filming.

William McAlpine says:

A very comprehensive review. Thank you.

Garrison Fischer says:

I have the same Quality Control issue…im gonna try to exchange it for a new one, it cuts out videos etc.

Saving History ™ with SCdigger says:

how is macro with this camera? I metal detect/relic hunt and need to be able to shoot closeups of things like coins and buttons in the ground

Craig Cothren says:

i really was interested in how the camera performed in video vlogging exercises. You included a lot of extraneous unwanted detail. I had to go to other You tubes to find out what i wanted to know.

I Like You says:

You mention the used camera market. Would you recommend getting the G7 used?

GaryDX25 says:

Micro four thirds cameras in general are "steals" for people starting photography/videography

TheDankAtheist says:

I have that mode knob issue too. drives me nuts.

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