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Want to know what the best 360 camera to buy right now? This video will tell you everything you need to know about all of the major 360 cameras available in 2019.


1:13 Insta360 One X:

3:29 : GoPro Fusion (On Sale – Save $100):

5:51 : Rylo (Save $50):

7:36 : QooCam (Save 20%):

10:13 : Ricoh Theta V (Save $25):

12:09 : Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere:

13:57 : VIRB 360:

15:26 : Yi 360:

17:23 : Insta360 One:

18:39 : VUZE

This video will take you through the positives and negatives of every major 360 camera available right now. If you are looking for the best 360 camera in 2018 or 2019 then this is the video to watch. I’ve used all of these 360 camera over the past year, so I know what each one is good at. Let me know if you have any questions about 360 cameras or if you are still not sure which one is best for you.

BEST 360 CAMERA 2019

For more epic 360 content:

My name is Daniel and I’ve been working with 360 cameras for over two years. I created this channel to show people how awesome 360 photos and videos can be. If you want to know which is the best 360 camera or learn how to use them properly, then SUBSCRIBE and I’ll share all my secrets with you:


Bubbles8619 says:

I was reading up on the Insta 360 OneX… I am curious about understanding a few specs on it.. It says 5G WIFI… I don't think my city has 5G yet, is 4G ok? and are you still able to use everything on it, including the apps etc with a Droid/Samsung?

B Thunder says:

I wanna hear about battery and audio. But mainly battery!

Keith Jurow says:

Is this the same camera as the Xiaomi Mijia Mi?

BrotherTXholdem says:

So I ask paintball action camera under 300 would be great also smaller profile and can handle paint ball hit

Weekend DIY says:

best and cheap 360 camera in { india } is LG360 CAM ->

Balbisiana A says:

What I’m really wondering, is all this 4 k 5.7 k etc. Surely all this would look very clear? Am watching this with an iPad Pro. Thanks for this comparison video. It’s either this or I’ve become a picture Quality snob. Because 1080p seems to be the best picture, so how is that possible or do we need 4 k compatible monitors and screens to view the footage?

diablofuerte proyectos audiovisuales says:

Hi, which camera has the best image stabilization currently(August 2019)?

Farrells Cleaners says:

Hi I’m looking for a 360 to use while out cycling. I mainly want it in case of an accident so I need something that will record for 2 hours or more. I know I cloud get extra batteries for some cameras but then I have to stop and change and I really don’t want that hassle. Is there anything out there that will do 2+ hours of recording.

Space Insect RakeZ says:

I want to shoot good quality videos, mostly vlogs and party/events aftermovies. What would you guys recommend.. Im looking for an okay video quality and the cheapest option possible cuz yeah..

arabia islam says:

Anak firaun

Pisces Traits- Rule 373 says:

Thank you. I like the 361 x
I'll check out the Cost etc.

Shabnam Mozafari says:

What would you use to take macro videos of products?

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