The $12,000 Hasselblad X1D Camera. Unbox and 1st Look – Steve Huff

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My Low Light Torture Test Video:

Wowzers, 1st see the article at my website as for how I spent a year deciding if I should do this:

My Hasselblad X1D Camera Review, Part 1, The Decision. by Steve Huff.

Enjoy this unboxing and some thoughts…the battery is charging now!

I bought this from B&H Photo:

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Funktrainer says:

I just bought my first Hassy with three lenses for under three grand. It is a "vintage" H3DII-31. An amazing system. Superb colour fidelity and tonal range. Not to speak of the nice detail the 28mm, the 80mm and the 210mm FUJINON lenses produce.
The X1D is an amazing camera, it has the same easy-to-navigate menu system of the H-Series. Superfast and convenient operation.
Congrats on your investment!

ahmad vlogs says:

$6495 new now ☺️

Andrew Perry says:

long and hard *peter griffin giggle

Badhon Ebrahim says:

u got balls…

Magnus Eriksson says:

Lika a dream

Saurat says:

Most of us can't afford the A9 nevermind the Hassy, lol! Hope it works out for you.

ihsan nur says:

WOW !! i love it

Ek Chuah Studios says:

Love the camera but way to expensive for most of us.

XaviorvorteX says:

May your camera break, be stolen, etc. So you know not to be so prideful and evil… it is an inanimate thing. All about yourself… and you said I will only do sessions for people, to help people, liar. You are evident… your time is near to reap what you have sown!!!

Chung Kai Man says:

Hea, what if a test of X1d with Zeiss Outs test !?

Eduardo Regueiro Fotógrafo says:

Woww A rich photographer!!! Must be the only one!!!

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