Tested In-Depth: Sony RX100 III Compact Camera

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We sit down to discuss Sony’s latest high-end compact camera, the RX100 Mark III. Having tested both predecessors to this model, we evaluate its new features like the electronic viewfinder and improved zoom lens, as well as its image quality compared to big DSLR cameras. Here’s why it’s one of our favorite new cameras to use!


Fruitarian says:

Is it only good for indoor photos? How bout a subject infront of a sun/bright area?

Matthew says:

Several years later, buying a Mark iii . Thanks for the thorough and professional review.🤙

Johnny Mac says:

This video could have been distilled into something half the length.

John Love says:

Good stuff!

Estilo Antunes says:

I've been looking for a companion camera lately and I am really intrigued by the rx iii.
I have been shooting with my 5d Mark iii 85 f1.2 for years now and this one Sony comes into play very well when reaching them tight spots and daily shots when I don;'t want to lug the big boy out.

Thank you for the review fellas!

Gustavo Dean says:

Shame about the ginger guy with the interrupting big mouth

Marky Tyz says:

Loved this review but found the stupid, sexist comment about “mums” irritating. Not all mums are technophobes and some are even photographers!

tobor58 says:

thanks for the this video. Bought the RX100M3 as a supplemental to my NIKON D90 prior to a cruise. couldn't be happier with it. videos like this one are helping get more/better of the finer aspects of this gem.

Ykciv Esiuol says:

I'm just about to order mine <3 an early Christmas present. 🙂

Swedish Otaku says:

You didn't even show how the screen moves…

Deniz Boz says:

Though helpful, your reviews are too damn long. You should put a contents sort of thing to the caption, with the corresponding minutes/seconds of the video. Most of the time, I look for something, than give up and close the video.

T-Light says:

Love the LX100, it has everything I want with the exception of the size. Such a shame.
I have full size DSLR's and mirrorless with the supersize bags to carry all the kit in.
I wanted something decent but very portable. I opted for the RX100 mkIV.

As you said, it's the old adage "The best camera you have is the one you have with you"

Veikra says:

why a 30mins limit ? I mean let me shoot videos however long I want. Camcorders dont take good pictures while cameras take good videos…. stupid laws

vedranart says:

Can RX100 III or any other RX100 (which one?) do clean HDMI out in full HD or even 4K? So that it can be use as live streaming camera via HDMI capture card? Thanks! 🙂

Ted Lund says:

Hi guys i have a question! Since its wi fi on it, do I edit My pictures best in VSCO or Lightroom? For Instagram, Im a beginner 🙂

Rahim says:

If anyone knows, is this a good camera to to record at night

Herbert Applebaum says:

Every time Will interjects Norm makes that face and has to correct him lol

Dominik Kulas says:

What camera is better for me if I am more interested in videos than stills, panasonic lx100 or sony rx100m3??? Thank you!

Jiiiyang says:

Great review, even M4 is out now, but am going to pick one M3 soon because it saves me $300+.

Atort Photography says:

Buttery bokeh is great on popcorn. 😂 You do a nice job on the review, but miss on a lot too and motivating me to record my own review of the RX100M4 this week to resolve my frustrations. 🙂

MrAkihiros says:

Will is doing a great job moderating and reigning in Norm's overflowing, stuttering passion over the gear. The Mark 3 is just awesome.

Hanh Nguyen says:

Nice detailed review with helpful large screen simulations. Being passionate about a subject you are presenting is a good thing. If Norm would just slow down a bit and not talking so fast, the audience would have experienced a much more pleasant review without the "ugh" and "agh" resonating in between almost every sentence (most visible towards the 2nd half till the end).

Ray Harmacinski says:

I use a mark II   the Mark III has to high of a fatal failure rate… I don't know if it is because af the evf or something else.. but there are so many of the mark 3s on ebay selling for parts

Arnab Roy says:

It's a great camera. I wished the shutter speed was much better. $800 too much for the camera. Not a fair price. It shouldn't be over $550.

master aripuya aka wickedmaster says:

is it better than the lg g4 phone camera?

BananaVroom says:

Ricoh GR V…

ifindcosplay says:

Norm seems like the type of photographer I am. I don't like using flash, even at events. It seems to take away the natural feel and also looks ugly to me. I have been looking for a better pocket camera to replace my Samsung W350 that is better in low light. This was the final youtube review I have watched before deciding on purchasing the MkIII. Hopefully it will compliment my A7II. Thank you for the amazing reviews. 
BTW Norm, u have the best job ever.

wjjh81 says:

Really informative video.  Thanks guys.

Ken Young says:

Can it be controlled via an app?

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