Tech RC Camera Drone Unbox & Fly

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Tech RC Camera Drone Unbox & Fly

This is a video showing the unboxing, first fights plus photo and video capabilities of the Tech RC Camera Drone.

It would have been more in depth but the drone is a present for my Godson so I don’t want him getting a worn out present.

If you have any questions, thoughts and comments please leave them below;


sandro sichinava says:

Hey pls help me how to reset this drone i have this and I don't know how to reset it help me pls

Eshan Playz says:

You should get the updated one

Tom RL says:

how do you make it film/take a photo?

John Shahin says:

Best spying tool🤣

Tomasiniii says:

Anyone crashed and has got spare remote control for this drone, please.?

Stephen Johnson says:

I got one off these this week… I can't get it to video or take pics.. used many different memory cards and just can't get it to video or take pics….

mark manchester says:

I cant seem to close the battery box when ive connected the battery

JashanTECH says:

How to shoot footage in this drone

Tarlochan Sandhi says:

I bought new Tech Rc drone but it is not flying up. Anyone knows what is problem? and please tell me how to reset it factory setting.

Philip Thomas says:

Good video .

If anyone has this, could you scan the instructions an mail them to me or put them on drop bix and send me the link.

Ive lost mine.


Tyler Harris says:

I have one and I’ve put sd card in drone how do I start a video recording?

AutumnPotatoe says:

lol i got this today and its amazing

Backyard Restorer says:

9:00 that was enough to make be buy something else. Thanks.

Alfie Peckham says:

Nice video it helped a lot

aisha balaam says:

can i still fly it without putting the sd card in

aisha balaam says:

what if u lost the sd card and how to u see the footage from the sd card

Alyaan Vlogs says:

how do you see the video or picture you haveade

Elrich Nguyen says:

How do u take the blades off tho

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