Tamron 70-180mm F2.8 Di III VXD Review: The Itty Bitty Full Frame Tele

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Impressively compact and no slouch in terms of sharpness: Tamron’s 70-180mm F2.8 for Sony E-mount shapes up to be a solid option for Sony a7-series photographers.

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Candice Vought says:

The audio is off when he moves his lips lol

sebastiaanvanwater says:

Looks cheap and plasticky.

Mark Banas says:

Jordan gets extra points for the dynamic (shadow) background at 4:20

T. says:

Yes the Sony 70-200 F4 is slower but it's not as poorly matched as Chris made it seem, the Sony has: OSS, much better build quility (full metal body), internal zoom (lens does not extend), very good sharpness throughout the zoom range, decent bokeh (better than Tamron imo)… I does have very poor close focusing capabilities though. For some people the Sony F4 still is the better choice I think.

Amelia Lee says:

I alrdy preordered it before I watch the video. Just wanna knw what I am gna get.

G Mercer says:

LOL. Ditch the beard! Makes you look like you are 50 years old already!

Vincent Chen says:

I am expecting my Sony soon. Hopefully some additional glass soon but looking at the Sigma 30mm F1.4 art lens first. Also upping my lighting game too for my video stuff. This Tamron is interesting but don't know if it will be in my collection. Always good to see you guys showing us possibilities.

Jon7555 says:

Is it just me – the grade on this seems a little off? No blacks.

BTW I find the IBIS on my GH5 works better with a 350mm non-IS lens (700mm equiv FoV) than using the OIS in the 100-300 Panny lens (which doesn't support Dual-IS). I was very surprised. Although the smaller m43 sensor does allow for more movement.

Alex Boyer says:

So would you trade the IS and function buttons for an extra stop of light? Also isn’t the sony f4 internally focusing (ie. the lens doesn’t extend when zooming)? I have the 28-75 and have recently had some concerns with the plastic wearing out as it zooms in and out… Thanks for the great review as always, stay safe

Sergio DuBois says:

Let’s see, should I cancel my order (as this review bias encourages). I think not. Stabilization advantages do not favor action scenarios, only shutter speed does (as they don’t helpfully mention…) Size/weight/cost savings speak for themselves and no sharpness envy of GM. Nice try DPReview, but I’m keeping my order.

Huw Morgan says:

Not quite sure why it blows the Sony 70-200 F4 out of the water. The Sony has image stabilization, an extra 20mm of reach, more controls (e.g. mf/af) and costs roughly the same amount. It also has an internal zoom, so will probably resist dust better than the Tamron. I'll gladly give up the one stop of light for the better features of the Sony f4 lens.

Szymon Wawrzyniak says:

Don’t touch your face!

Matt de Byl says:

Is it just me or does this lens seem to have really horrendous distortion. Didn’t get mentioned in the video, but that pincushions on those tiles is pretty horrendous. Also you complained about the lack of IS, but when compared to the 70-200/4 said this blows it away for getting double the light. Sure! But at the cost of IS. They are similarly sized and the Sony doesn’t extend, plus has IS. The trade off being the extra stop of light. Not so clear cut as you make out in the video.

D L Mobile says:

Fits Canon 77D?

geoffrey enriquez says:

"1500 grams that's like 48,356 pounds"
You made me spill my coffee!

rhapsodist says:

Admit it Jordan, you didn't want to run to do the AF test 😛

Bill Zidis says:

For the price i took the Sigma 70-200 Sports+MC11 for sony A7iii. Proper strong 70-200

Chuc Quang says:

Made in Vietnam! Điểm danh (hahaha)
Nice and detail review as always!

Lothar Zogg says:

Made in Vietnam. Good.

罗剑 says:

love you guys!

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