SWITCHING Caught On Camera 9 TIMES?! Meet Omega! | Unboxing 3 | Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Switching this many times is EXHAUSTING! If you watched to the end, don’t worry, we are all okay.




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I'm so proud of seeing you all get through this. You made me realize how difficult it is to be a human being, much more having issues as a person. You inspire me to do good things and appreciate everything in my life. This isn't my first time watching your videos and I'm really looking forward for more educational and meaningful content from you. I've actually very interested but in a good way of course. With much love and support, please continue to spread awareness and educational stuffs for people to understand your situation and I thank you for that. I admire you for being brave.

Niamh Feerick says:

I’ve recently started watching your videos. I’d never even heard of DID before your videos but I’m loving watching your videos and learning about your system and getting to know the alters. Your very inspirational and I just love watching your videos. ❤️ The person that sent you that last leaflet… that’s not okay. Poor Omega is so sweet and didn’t deserve to see that. None of you did. It’s a horrible thing to do to someone. 😞

Laura Aizawa says:

Why wasn't Omega in the girls of the system video

chris van horne says:


merksmirs says:

Does anyone know where I can find their rules/guidelines for the mail? I don’t want to send something that triggers them :/

Blue Touma says:

It’s so cruel for someone to go out of their way to purposely harm someone else. I hope everyone’s okay….

A K says:

Did Sally let Omega front to experience some kindness from "strangers"? …and it turns out… I hope Omega knows there are only few to spread hate but hundreds of thousands to spread lots of love 🙂

diamond wolf says:

I'm crying because of the end

Krissy2n0 says:

I watched the entire video and had some thoughts.

1st is that i would hug EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS (ESPECIALLY THE LITTLES & OMEGA) cuz god knows you all deserve hugs and endless love and you don't deserve some coward sending anonymous hate.

2nd is that, that vile person who sent the "letter" is disgusting. I am a christian and I fully, FULLY believe that god loves every single one of you.

3rd, watching the littles reaction made my heart fill with love (and i got tears cuz bloody hell i just wanna pop through the screen and hug them so bad) and i thought of that pictures of actors throwing hearts at someone, because god that was so bloody adorable.

(Swearing after this just in case you need a warning)

People are assholes, people love being rude, cruel and utter cunts. Sadly there are a lot of people like this that dont think for a second about what they're doing and who they're affecting, and i am so utterly sorry that you guys have to deal with them. ❤

God and if you can please, please give Omega a huge hug and a kiss cuz she really deserves one.

Xaria London says:

Cried so much while watching this you sound so genuine in your love for your supporters and I really do admire that

Julia Chevalier says:

Sending hugs and prayers and positive energy. Sorry some insensitive human sent you an envelope of evil. Reassuring the collective that not every human is nice, but more are nice than evil. I too had a bad childhood, but instead of splitting, I blocked all memories before age 13. I’m thankful that my mind protected me, have a great day , hugs to all….

lil_ Trin vids says:

Omg why would someone send you something religious

lil_ Trin vids says:

Sally should do an armr video

Rikki Adams says:

I'm so sorry someone sent you that good job getting through all that unboxing and switching couldn't have been easy. I'm new to learning about did and you guys are all so sweet especially Sally and chloe much love

Sinc. Art says:

This video was so pure and amazing. Its fucked up that someone had to do that at the end… The reaction of the little was so cute tho AAAHHHH I like melted!!!

MCIngus says:

Ahhhh Omega! I'm so sorry you had to see that. Those recruitment letters are a horrid example on religion and luckily the majority of people in religion are nothing like that. I'm glad you are all ok now. Make sure you protect yourselves and keep safe. You are all so lovely and don't deserve any of that

Clara Moore says:

Omg i love sally she so wholesome and nadia is so bright and omega is so cute 😍🤩😊

Anne Marie says:

We love you so much omega it’s so sad you had to see that 😭❤️

Charlotte Hatch says:

Aad that happened to you guys. It makes me very upset that someone wanted to hurt you all like that

merksmirs says:

Oh god I feel so awful that this is the one interaction Omega has had with us on camera. I‘m sorry! But I’m also really impressed by everyone’s courage

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