Swann 4K NVR Security Camera System Review – Unboxing, Setup, Settings, Installation, Footage

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Today, we will be checking and testing the Swann’s 4K Ultra HD NVR PoE Security Camera System Model# SWNVK-885804B2FB.
It comes with 4 NHD-885MSB Thermal Sensing IP Security Cameras and 2 NHD-885MSFB Spotlight IP Security Cameras and the 8 channel 4K NVR – NVR-8580.
I’ll be doing the:

Features: 0:34
Unboxing: 4:57
Setup: 8:13
Installation: 9:46
Settings: 11:33
Sample Footage & Testing: 14:09

Here are sample 4K footage recorded from the cameras:

Video & Audio Quality – https://youtu.be/w51NZE_Ile4
Video Clarity Test – https://youtu.be/162oKoqZji0
Night Footage – B&W to Color Night Vision – https://youtu.be/5u91npqM-vw

Check out the Swann NVR PoE Cameras at Amazon:

Swann 4K NVR PoE Security Camera System – https://amzn.to/2tEVDzw

NHD-885MSFB Spotlight IP Security Camera – https://amzn.to/2EAR9R1

NHD-885MSB Thermal Sensing IP Security Camera – https://amzn.to/2SvvQUo

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reelman4299 says:

it is not a bad product. But if you need customer service you might as well forget about it

Sonia Hernandez says:

Hi i would like to know how to adjust NVR display because is too big for the screen of my tv please

bmw325ia says:

Have you done part two with testing other features?

Adrian Rojas says:

Swan right now 4k for 279, I bought it to replace my first gen arlo it needed to be replaced.

Adrian Rojas says:

Swan right now 4k for 279, I bought it to replace my first gen arlo it needed to be replaced.

SpartanGto says:

After looking at your review of this system i went ahead and bought it. It works great thus far. Swann did a software update and now the cameras have no sound and all the settings are checked for audio. I was wondering if you have or had this problem?

MSG A J Himel Ret says:

Great review and demo…. Swann's also shows a 4 camera system for a lower price…

mario grech says:

good video thank you

LonnDawg says:

When it comes to Video Camera Reviews… You are Still the Top Dog,…. 🙂

Absolute Plumbing & Heating says:

Good review. Better than the rest of the youtube amatures..

Mason Stevens says:

Great video!

Do you know if the NVR is compatible with an aftermarket wireless mouse?

Bryan Cui says:

A decent review of a product, either too long or short and either too fast or too slow. Great attention to the details! Keep up your good work, man!

Brian Gunn says:

I'm considering buying this system (despite the flaws with the app and user interface) because of the deterrence features. In your review, it appears that the lights and siren for each camera can be adjusted in the Homeview app, but those same settings also appear to be available for each camera in the NVR. Can you turn off the light and siren for individual cameras from the app (so they won't come on again until you toggle it back) even if the NVR settings have the lights and siren featured enabled for those cameras?

Alvaro Ernesto Guevara says:

Great Review AND very good explained!! Thanks

Jennifer O'Dowd says:

I have a Swann Wifi cam set up. 2 cameras. model NVW490H. When cameras work the video is clear however I have video loss about 50% of the time. As cameras are so close to the NVR (within 9 meters) the excess video cable is coiled in the shed where the power point is. Could this be causing the video dropouts. That is "coiled cable"
I monitor 24 hours a day. (Well I would like to, I should be able to)

I have tried changing the channels , I have a choice of 13, however this doesn't make a difference. Strange thing is, I can be watching the monitor and see someone approaching my unit and the video drops out. At other time, when there is no motion detected the video can run for hours without video loss. In other words, at crucial times, the cameras stop working.
Any suggestions.

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