Street Photography with a Compact Camera (feat. the Ricoh GR II)

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I recently picked up a compact camera for street photography. I wanted something which could fit in my pocket and go with me everyday, no excuses. I chose the Ricoh GR II. In this video, which I shot while sitting in a hotel room on a recent rainy afternoon in Amsterdam, I share my reasons why, and what this little camera is teaching me.

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Evan Hunt says:

Insightful, as always!

Navith Shariff says:

Why not visit Dubai?

David Medina says:

What's your bag?

Baileys Miata says:

Your voice cracks crack me up 🤣😂

Jacob Thomson says:

Useful and very interesting.Thank you.

JulioFeoUNAM says:

Size was the reason behind my Olympus M10 purchase.

Borislav Mitkov says:

That's why I switched from a Canon DSLR to Canon EOS M3 – very compact, especially with a 22mm f2 lens, perfect for street photography.

Luke Sofian says:

so happy to see your channel grow, you deserve it Sean

racko pablo says:

How many in the group for NY photography workshop, Sean?

Shyamal Bhat says:

It's sort of becoming boring to watch all the good YouTube photography channels stressing the 'gear doesn't matter' line and then extensively go on reviewing them which , of course, tends to influence viewer's perception. And this, whether you like it or not, leads to more GAS(Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and Consumerism!

AirDailyX Flight Simulation says:

I’m considering the A5100 for the same reasons. I shoot A7III as well.

AirDailyX Flight Simulation says:

That lamp not being centered on the end table next to the bed is driving me crazy.

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