Sony ZV1 Review: The Ultimate Vlogging Camera?

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The Sony ZV-1 is a modified version of Sony’s RX100 camera aimed at vloggers. Is the ZV1 the ultimate vlogging camera? We vlog way through a review to find out.

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zoom test please

RyoHazuki224 says:

8:39 I thought that when it does the background blur opening the aperture, it doesn't speed up the shutter but instead use the built-in ND filter??

Galen Yeo says:

The iPhone XR looks sharper at Or is the focus off on the Sony?

john doe says:

Can you make a comparison between Canon EOS M6II and Sony ZV1, since price wise Canon would be a better choice?

Triple070007 says:

The cameras have been better than most vloggers' content for years now. Just get people to stop color grading their footage Lol

Mark Sloan says:

Have you tried any HDMI to Audio jack converters to get around the lack of headphone jack? They are pretty cheap though not 100% reliable…

Lumix Camera Lovers says:

So, Sony has created 4 years later a camera with a smaller sensor than a Lumix G7 or G85 (released in 2016), now with overheating and battery duration issues. Great for Sony, they have listened to vloggers! 🙂

rick sowers says:

Does it say anywhere on the camera or the box what is the actual country of manufacture?

Jasper Smans says:

I like it when a new camera hits the market. But seeing all these 'Ultimate Vlogging Camera' titles for a very expensive mediocre camera is getting annoying. I get it, it is super compact, but the image quality is mediocre at best considering it's price. There is no ultimate vlogging camera. Please DPReview, do not become like all those other "Review" channels on YouTube. I'm not hating on this camera, it's just overhyped.

This was just my humble opinion.

Carol Teater says:

1) Wow, in early scene REALLY yellow and green.
2) So NOT happy that Chris decorated his camera with a DEAD MOUSE!!!!!! (J-O-K-E)
3) "My face should hopefully look good." Your face always looks good, you are just such a pretty boy! 😉
4) 10:37: I think I see a pimple, too. 🙁 Maybe add a spot for a concealer? 😉
5) OMG, walking down the street with gimbal set-up…girls gonna get arms like Popeye!!! o.O
6) You guys forgot to mention your Patreon.

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