Sony ZV-1 Vlogging Camera Review: ALMOST perfect!

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The Sony ZV-1 ( is a video camera for YouTubers, vloggers, and other creators. It has a flippy screen and it’s in the right place – the side – where it won’t be blocked by the mic or tripod. It supports wireless microphone connections, or if you do want a wired microphone, the mic jack doesn’t block the screen! It has a product showcase feature that actually gets what you’re holding in focus for things like unboxings and makeup videos… and it works!

But it has some serious problems, too. The menu system and user interface are a holy nightmare, like every other Sony camera. You can’t change settings with the touchscreen, so you have to fumble around with fiddly little dials on the back of the camera. Active Stabilization promises to smooth out your walking or driving videos, but if you forget to turn it off, it will ruin tripod-mounted videos by introducing ugly shaking to them. Autoexposure is pretty unreliable. Wireless video transfers proved to be completely useless, making file management far more time consuming than necessary.


kore996 says:

Honestly I don’t even want the camera but watched and appreciate the detail you put in to the video. I’ve watched other YouTubers videos on the same camera and nobody seems to go in to as much detail about the pros and cons or finding problems before people spend their hard earned money and realize afterwards that it may not be the camera for them. At least people will be aware of the issues ahead of time and are able to decide if in their situation the camera has more good in it than bad. Also since you tend to find little bugs that others don’t, hopefully camera manufacturers will be able to provide quicker updates that will hopefully fix the issues. Keep up the good work!


You nailed that auto focus problems. I personally have no confidence on this camera. Like the RX10 mk3.

Bill Eriksson says:

Missing GPS?

Supply Chain Secrets says:

I was totally sold on it and looking up where to buy one………till you got to the Auto Focus issues 😞

DarkPa1adin says:

if you record 4k, does it get hot? will it auto-off when it gets too hot?

3.V Audio & Video says:

2:48 Lot's of jello

Jamie Coats says:

Is it me but the sample footage all look over exposed?

Tech With Sean says:

What do you think about the AX53 for vlogging? I use it for videos and it works great, plus the stabilization is amazing.

Gustavo Ulloa says:

Will be nice to use with a USD.230.00 gymbal… The AF is so fast and smooth. Face Priority AE and Background Defocusing is great… I can live without a touch screen multitask

3 minute cu Radu Tiberiu says:

Really disappointed. Except the lens and some advantages of a slightly bigger sensor nothing on this camera beats a low end phone from 2015. When you compare these 2 industry's it feels like they are from different decades.

Hung Le says:

Jade Polin found out a big issue with this camera, that's you cannot see anything on the camera screen if you wear sunglasses, this is a joke product

edward bueno says:

almost all camera reviewers on YouTube have this camera for review….this is how Sony marketing works….Canon Nikon Fujifilm Olympus Pentax don't do this much….these other brands use their ambassadors to promote their systems who are real award winning photographers and not YT content creators

Lesley Dehaan says:

Sony’s WiFi transfer is getting better than it was last year – when it didn’t work at all for solid weeks – but it’s still basic, buggy garbage.

sgpork says:

hmm.. 24mm seems too close up for vlogging i feel.. (unless your aim is to let your audience see you close up).. not so much of you and your surroundings..

UDPride says:


kevin buja says:

What Jura model do you have?

Randy Garrido says:

Focal length.

AntiView says:

Yessss 4K 😂 😂 😂

Sandeep Rai says:

Great review. I know my Mrs and her sisters will love it for mainly one reason. Not fussed about touch screen and a few others but needs to be wider than 24mm. But may get it cus I can get it into certain situations that I can’t sneak a bigger camera into.

edward mitoma says:

Footage looks absolutely horrific next to the EOS R stuff. No touchscreen and still have to deal with the absolutely awful Sony menus? FORGET IT!

MachTwo57 says:

For some reason I watch your videos even when I’m not interested. Thumbs up.

Bob Rose says:

Great little camera, oops mustn't say that as Sony need a kick up the backside again! Why is the touch screen not a touch screen? I just don't get it when you can use the screen for touch to focus. A couple of other, fairly minor and hopefully firmware upgrade-able, issues and a wider angle zoom and everything else will be toast.

Nomadic Native says:

Not even close

pl capeli says:

what a p o s

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