Sony ZV-1 – The Best Compact Camera for Video

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For 4K vlogging and video creation the Sony ZV-1 is the best all-in-one option. Check out the video samples in this hands on review.
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I wish I can find something in life that makes me as happy as this camera does Tyler.

Peter Joe says:

how to activate ND filter auto? seems like only ON or OFF is selectable.

Lomar Yearwood says:

It's not the best vloging camera but it dose have alot of great features that are useful

Ahmed Hindawi says:

Micro USB? Really! That is disappointing.

wmosleycr7 says:

give me a 17-55mm f1.8-2.8 lens , usb-c port, a headphone port or usb dongle to add headphones, and centered threaded tripod mount then u have the perfect compact camera

chltmdwp says:

How is it so bad even with the optical stabilization? Something doesn't make sense….

TheChico868 says:

That new Sony Xperia Smartphone the Mk II, I think is like a Damn DSLR in a phone. U should check it out. They basically put all their Camera tech in that phone

Brent Stephen says:

What was up with the Canon M100 footage for comparison? Was the ISO absolutely cranked? It looked like absolute garbage compared to even the iPhone 11

Michael Nguyen says:

Pretty cool but I think I'm going to stick with my Canon and iPhone.

Declan Xiang says:

Looking for your sunglasses!!!!!!!

Chandler Adaway says:

I love how Sony paid so many people to use this camera and it looks/sounds so terrible. This is the third video I’ve watched on it and it’s a huge pass
Edit: I would pay $400 for this in 2020

Stephen Alonzo says:

When it comes to photography/videography reviews, reports, facts, etc., Tyler is the man to go to! This guy is so detailed and in my opinion, underrated. This guy is top of the line when it comes to videos like this! Whoever stopped by the comment section after/while watching this video, I just want to inform you that if you haven't subscribed to Tyler, you should go and subscribe to him! Highly recommend!

Carlos Martinez says:

What's the usual camera?

myyou tubeaccount says:

WIDER! They will never learn. Lets make a vlogging cam that shoots your nostril hair.

Dylan Kraayenbrink says:

Me: ..
Every YT camera reviewer, all at once: Sony ZV-1!
I think I had three or four posts in a row on my IG feed today about the Sony. Not complaining, just very overwhelming all at once.

Ali Abdaal says:

Can’t wait to grab this

TheTacticalDefender says:

Can the battery be charged while in camera? That's one of many great things I love about the G7x Mark II… while in the woods for the day or camping for the weekend I can use an Anker battery and charge my camera. Surprised by how many times I really needed the ability to do that.

Adam Dittrich • Smart Business Life says:

Great thanks for sharing. What are the disadvantages?

Gliderman247 says:

How does it do when shooting in low light?

AJMC says:

Please do a review of the new Sony phone when it releases 🙂

AronBagel says:

Completely off-topic, but having lived in Calgary about a year and a half ago, it was really nice to see some familiar landmarks like the library pop up in the video! Kinda miss the city 🙂

Peahnuts says:

1:02 wow literally a revolution for the YT beauty industry 😂

Matthew Lavergne says:

"The best everything video camera" was a solid definition of this camera because with you I agree that 16/18 or even 20 would have been a better starting point! But for farther shots, which I'd do more of… This could be the thing?? Cameras keep getting better and then marketing comes along and sends us mixed signals 😅 great review Tyler!

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