Sony ZV-1 Honest Review – Is a compact camera Still Worth it in 2020?

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The Good and Bad about the Sony ZV1 and comparing it to the iPhone 11!
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Max Yuryev says:

What do you think of the ZV1? Would you buy one or just use your phone to vlog?
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Sincerely Shayla V says:

Is it compatible with the cam ranger?

Eamon Adams says:

Great review! Thanks. Interesting prospect… would be a great little camera to carry with you wherever you go. Tempting^^

Jay Sanchez says:

as bad as sony's color science is it will never be as bad as a smartphones

Tobi says:

I use my EOS M100 + 22m F2 + Variable ND for vlogging. It is also very suitable for cinematic video / photography.
As I payed under 400$ for the whole setup I´d recommend an M100 / M200 much more than the ZV..

I would rather recommend the M100/M200 with kit lens than the ZV1 tbh. Otherwise I'd use an iPhone
Also the image quality and standard colors of the M100 look way better although it is not 4K

Electric Dreams says:

Honestly, I miss their 5xxx line-up. With modern interfaces, USBC, AF capabilities, and a crop sensor + interchangeable lenses it would be just a KILLER. This camera is just meh. The video quality is so so because of the sensor, no USBC (for charging or anything), to short and yadayadayada. It seems that they completely missed the audience. And a year. Great review as usual Max, thanks

Guru Dhamal says:

Does it really support ECM-B1M?

EdvardKALEN says:

Hello, guys! My English far from good, woud you tell me, what about he says in 12:50. What mode does autofocus work poorly?
P.S. Max, please, don't delete automatic subtitiles.
Often they help foreigners like me. Thank you for the video!

Sandeep Rai says:

Having watched numerous reviews, I have to say yours is probably the best. It is also great that you are comparing it to a phone which I believe is the competition for this camera as opposed to a DSLR or Mirrorless interchangeable camera. I really do not understand why compare a compact camera to DSLR or mirrorless. This is more relevant and targeted towards phone and compact camera users and not camera experts. And as you mentioned, towards someone starting out or happy with kit lenses. Thus I think yours is the best along with full detailed example and most just specs that some are spewing out.

Andrew Lazarev says:

Why Sony don't make sound monitoring to Bluetooth headphones ???

Oleg Vorkunov says:

I use viewfinder on my RX100VII a lot while outside or reviewing pictures. Also flash. If Sony would make the same camera as RX100VII only with that faster lens, I would switch. I would not switch to ZV-1 though. Also, I think iPhone or any other phone has recording limit of 10 minutes.

Gwarjunior Junior says:

Why MicroUSB ??
We want USB C.

Diego Apunto says:

800 $??? You can keep it for yourself, Sony.

RussT1983 says:

Great review! I ordered one a couple of days ago and i'm super excited!

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