Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium Camera Review – More Cameras, More Light

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As the first Sony flagship with dual cameras on the back, the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium has a lot to live up to, and Sony isn’t resting on its laurels for this release. Packing a main 19-megapixel Sony IMX400 camera, and a secondary 12-megapixel monochrome camera on the back, the new AUBE fusion ISP is able to take a composite of the images produced from both cameras to enhance the scene, providing better low light performance in both photo and video mode. Just how much better is it? We compare it to the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12+, and the Google Pixel (2016) for reference. Be sure to check out the HDR videos we took and compare them to what’s in the review on an HDR capable display!

HDR playlist:

Full comparison album:[email protected]/albums/72157695991824862

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Dem Ar says:

Best Sony xz2p

nerd Mike says:

Does new updates and Pie improve dual camera mode? 🤓

Selvakumar Selvakumar says:

Sony best phone

Charles Caballero says:

I know this is a very noob question but i need to ask you guys, i know that the higher the Mega Pixel count on a phone's rear camera means more detail but does not necessarily mean that it produces excellent photos. My question is, which do you guys prefer using in auto mode ? 16:9 (13MP) or 4:3 (17MP) ? Your replies and opinions would be greatly appreciated.


How’s the shutter speed tho?

Ngozi Nwankwo says:

Pixel3 Vs Sony xz3 premium

ROSSONERI 108 says:

Anyone else getting very grainy pictures from the camara?

Sharad Vaishnav says:

You are comparing other smartphone's camera they also have Sony Image Sensors inside.

سعد الشهراني says:

P20 pro good 👍👍👍👍👍👍

menarge williams says:


chris p says:

Finally a detailed review on the XZ2 prem. camera explaining everything accurate, great job!

CoolRockBassBlock says:

I watched this video in its original quality (4K) and I said: "oh no, what happens with Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium here:" [4:38] and [8:45]

Ricardo Cajipe says:

One of the Best Smartphone of 2018 (enjoyed watching with my XZ2 Premium Chrome Silver)

Tq 2302 says:

is it true that this phone has audio issues when recording video?

Creative School says:

Make one more.. with xz2 premium…in extreme low light condition… comparis..

joseon allen says:

From what i know the p20 pro peaks at iso 102400 and yu can also manually select that much in pro mode

satnav1980 says:

I don't think they'll ever crack low light photography on Sony phones.

French Fries says:

Very informative review. I was hoping to see how the phone do vs s9 and pixel 2 specifically in low light

HardwareTest says:

-rep bad sony

Alexandr Arutunov says:

What's the point of looking towards Sony Xperia, if at least with dual, or single camera, they shoot equally the badly ? )

1 BTS says:

I have a question
I will go to the concert and want to take a high quality video. So I’m looking for the best smartphone camera. I was waiting for Sony xperia xz2 premium to be released. In your opinion which smartphone camera is the best for shooting videos?

Matthew Weflen says:

This was a great summary by someone who really seems to know what he's talking about with photography.

My only complaint is that some labels were cut off on the bottom of the screen.

Crow Migration says:

The nerd in me wants this but the adult in me says save your money 😶

Semi Con says:

So… when will Sony add RAW support?

Muqaddim _ says:

Xz2 premium camera more good than P20 pro and u12+

Saurabh Patel says:

Sony mobile
Good things :-
1:- natural colour in images and videos
2:-bulid quality
3:- durability
4:- latest technology used in flagship phone.
Bad :-
1:- always overpriced
2:- design( thickness)
3:- software optimization
4:- battery capacity
5:- no more gesture
6:- a lot of bloat ware

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