Sony Xperia 10 Camera Review | Dual delight

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Review of the dual-lens Sony Xperia 10 camera, including a close look at photo and video quality and a test of the front-facing selfie snapper.

Sony’s fresh new 2019 smartphones have done away with the standard single lens setup, including more affordable handsets like the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus. On this smaller model, the 13MP primary lens sports an f/2.2 aperture, while the secondary 5MP lens is a simple depth sensor, to help out with those bokeh shots. Spin this super-long handset around and you’ll find an 8MP selfie shooter too.

We love how you can shoot 21:9 videos at 4K resolution with this mobile, giving a cinematic vibe to your home movies – even if you don’t get the same CineAlta filters like you do on the Sony flagship.

So is the Xperia 10 a worthy smartphone when it comes to the optics? I’ve been testing the device for a few days now and here’s my full Xperia 10 camera review, including a look at the bonus features such as the portrait mode. Check back soon for our full thoughts and have a gander at our unboxing for a run-down of the specs and hardware.


Tomas M says:

@1:08 "On xperia 10z" ? Really Sony? Reduced battery, tiny long screen and now the shutter button gone, same old SD630. Jeeez this phone is worth no more than 200.

Sandeep says:

Waiting for Xperia 1 full reviewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

George Azzopardi says:

God these photos looks leggit man, so the xperia one is beter than this ???

Siongwai Wong says:

Can you do a written review with all the images and videos on your website?


Hmm. I think I'll stick to my Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra. 23MP main cam, dual selfie cams, 16MP w/OIS and 8MP wide angle + same Snapdragon 630 chipset but with 4GB of ram and better battery life (3580mAh as opposed to this one with 2700mAh 🤦🏻‍♂️)

Moisés Silva says:

In my opinion xa2 does better

Gentle Yo says:

Please Xperia 1

Unnamed_user 123 says:

Xperia 10 plus pls

wizayo7 _ says:

This phone look like walle

Septien Patterson says:

Why is it that only UK tech channels review Sony phones nowadays??

EJ Shin says:

Like that "Love you" remark

ShadowAussie101 says:

The camera are usally blurry and don't record perfectly when zooming I hope Sony can compare to a DSLR for quality recording for sport

Rajesh Manasingh says:

is this camera bettr than xperia xa1 plus?

Connor Bryant says:

Sony phone's are just over priced , poorly made and designed, absolutely rubbish, buy an honor 8x instead better software better camera better battery Better screen better everything , and it's not plastic

Darren Evans says:

Why is there so much info and reviews on this yet not the Xperia 1?It's the flagship ffs

Finn says:

4:17 😂😂😂

Rahul Raj Rai says:

does xperia 1 have the dedicated camera button?

OPU Al adnan says:

Thank you #Recombu 🙂


Francesco Garabello says:

The Shutter button is gone? Wtf mate!?

BeatsByDeniz says:

please do one for the 10 plus

Qusay Saadeddin says:

I think it's very bad device

amar jobanputra says:

One word: meh

AVMW says:

This Xperia is a serious fail in the camera department I really hope the Xperia 1 is better because I am willing to buy it when it comes out and replace my pixel 2. Also if anyone is thinking about buying a pixel 2 or maybe a Galaxy s10 and want to know if the camera on the pixel 2 holds up let me tell you the pixel 2 camera makes pancakes of the Galaxy s10 camera in every shot apart from that wide angle mode

mido ahmed says:

Apart from the phone itself, but you really making phone reviews funny, keep up the good job bro. ✌️

StormRider2 says:

Waiting for the Xperia 1 time to move back to Sony. I've waited a long time as the last Sony phone I owned was the XZ.

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