Sony Xperia 1 II vs. Nokia 808 PureView – camera comparison

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Camera comparison. Finally a flagship-grade camera in Sony. Nothing groundbreaking, though. And definitely not worth the money. No flagship phone is. (sadly)


0:00:00 Intro
0:00:09 Specs

0:00:32 Daylight
0:02:27 Lowlight

0:04:23 Daylight (2x zoom)
0:05:22 Lowlight (2x zoom)

0:06:21 Daylight (3x zoom)
0:07:20 Lowlight (3x zoom)

0:08:19 Daylight, ultra-wide (against the iPhone 11 Pro)
0:09:19 Lowlight, ultra-wide (against the iPhone 11 Pro)

0:10:22 Points

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Eric Karnova says:

Bravo Nokia.
Even the SCam app gives more sharper, well balanced photos, and more details; because when set to 100% Jpg quality, the compression is way less than that in the built in camera app.

The size of images out of SCam app is much bigger than the original app for the same resolution.

Fahim adel Akib says:

Man, you are a true Nokia fan. We feel the same way as you do. Please continue what you are doing.

One request, upload the videos in 4k.

Nayem Hossain says:

Old phone compare todays phone, is not good riview.

Marbhoy Valensoy says:

Nokia looks natural photo and grear details

jhoelyene sherriene says:

Compare Sony with lumia 1020 or 950xl

TurkishStyles52 says:

Dude you put me asleep with this nice background sound. Thanks 🙂

Saad Al Kabir says:

Before watching I thought Nokia will give a tough fight.. But after watching I can safely say Nokia is even better even in some photos😆

Bradley Larcher says:

The 808 was way ahead of it's time

David Buchanan says:

What a kick in the balls for Sony. Such an old Nokia equalling or bettering their newest flagship camera phone… How embarrassing.. Says alot about Sony holding back the camera technology on their mobile phones. Obviously they don't want to create something that's gonna shit all over their dedicated little point and shoot camera range.. Well Sony here again you made a flagship phone with high-end specs and an ok camera. What a pity, as your camera lenses are basically in nearly every mobile phone made today and yet instead of setting the photography bar for others to follow you instead have to take the back seat AGAIN. You also have the cheek to charge extortionate price's!! Shame on you and my you continue to be on the bottom of the ladder as you have utterly shit software..RIP…

zakk wyled says:

Wow!!!!! Sony

Kaan Türk says:

Sony is FAR better in every aspect. The king 👑💯

Aevox Prince says:

True color -Nokia

Spite's MarC says:


ShadowWhite93 says:

Really really hard when you the 808 came 2012 and the xperia 1 2 (what an not good name for the phone 😅) the picture of the 808 it just still very good

Szabi Pinter says:

The 808 still holding up more than respectable. Waiting for a comparison with the 1020 and the 9 pureview.

Kiet Nguyen says:

Moving object photo taking and photo saving time are weakness of Nokia 808 pureview or even Lumia 1020. Used both of them, not used Sony Xperia 1 II yet so cannot have any comments on its weakness.

Tomato Entertainments says:

Smartphones cameras hasn't developed over the years… or nokia was just ahead of time🤣

lightning9 says:

Is the N808 being used in automatic mode or creative?

internetuser1234 says:

What country is that?

Chanel Satu says:

Bagusan Nokia.

Sergei Petrazhitski says:

Odd, to me it looked like Sony was slightly better than Nokia (too many zoom tests, to play to Nokia large glass/large sensor advantage) and completely destroyed iPhone especially in low light. all great phones for photos though. Kudos to Nokia, for showing em millennials how it’s done.

Dawid.M says:

I believe that auto white balance issue in Xperia is because is not final software (auto mode). I will do re rest when Sony will update his phone. Anyway, great comparison. I saw similarities in picture creations. Please make sure that you turn on in settings (even on auto mode) centre or matrix metering. 😉

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