Sony Xperia 1 Camera Review – Cinema Pro – 4K 21:9 Real Life Test! Ray’s Real Review

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The latest Ray’s Real Review mainly focuses on Sony’s exclusive Cinema Pro app on the Xperia 1. With the aid of extensive control over each of the camera lenses, this video has been filmed entirely on the Xperia 1. Let’s explore the potentials of the Xperia 1!

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delroythats Harding says:

I get my xperia 1 next week and I bought a gimbal mannnnn I'm gonna have some fun with this.

Williams Sepenu says:

If you don't like the phone don't say any ill… This the best

ömer tr says:

Sony Xperia 1 world 😎❤🌹

Ray Lam says:

Nice video!!

Antenora says:

I got what i came for so i'm not complaining but the 21:9 parts look really good, exept it's not 21:9 cos i have the black bars all around the video, a bit of a shame but a really nice video none the less!
Good work!

Vision says:

by cinema pro, everyone can easily becomes a director!

Alexander Duarte says:

This song is seriously sad. "Be Free" It's like you were saying goodbye to us. 🙁
But then the song after was upliftng. You have really good taste in music. Both songs were so cool especially for this video.

mohamad javad says:

very goood…thank you man

Uzayr Jaleel says:

It's incredibly great

黄文骏 says:


enrico pascual says:

Hi Ray, very informative video, nicely put and awesome views n music, really cinematic. Im using a very old xperia z5.. And thats wat im using on my youtube videos, would love to have this as a replacement when d price drops😊 sony phones are not anymore available here in dubai. Btw u loose weight and u look great on it.👍😎

Meili Hong says:

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世匞 says:

Sony should've hired someone to make a film with this phone to market it. And they wonder why they can't sell phones.

Agasi 79 says:

Super Amazing Video!!!
Love from Sony user

SolarChip says:

Great video, Best phone ever made.

Yankee says:

Can you please compare stock 21:9 vs using moment's anamorphic lens?

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