Sony Xperia 1 Camera | Review and full features tour

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Review of Sony’s Xperia 1 triple-lens camera, including photo and video test samples and a closer look at some of the best features.

I’ve been testing out the Xperia 1’s upgraded optics to see if Sony has really improved on previous cameraphones, and produced a rival that can take on the mighty Huawei P30 Pro. It’s certainly a dense user experience, offering impressive control over your video recording – especially when you dive into that Cinema Pro mode, which captures Cine Alta style home movies.

Here I explore some of those features and review the photo and video quality from the Xperia 1’s triple lens camera. This updated hardware offers ultra-wide and telephoto views now, a first for a Sony Mobile smartphone. However, you also get improved focal smarts thanks to the Alpha division, with expert eye tracking and noise reduction for night shots.

This handset doesn’t impress as much as some of the competition for HDR and low light photography, but the camera’s auto mode does produce some slick looking shots. And the Xperia 1 offers fan favourite features such as the Super Slow Motion and Best Shot tools.

Check back for my big S10+ and P30 Pro comparison to see it stack up against some of the best photo and video rivals!


Ygor Cortes says:

Amazing! Probably the most beautiful phone to me!
The dynamic range didn't look very great at all to me though 😞

Brian says:

I love Sony unfortunately every one I've owned has failed.
Usually the charging port . The worst part is that it's usually the connection on the board , a replacement usb port will not fix this .

HR-Vex says:

Here are my sample pictures:

nasser ahmed says:

Camera 👎🏾

Funmap66 says:

The selfie cam looks rather basic and the picture quality is also not that great I think.i really do not know why they went back to 8 meagixels.

LuigiOneBerlin says:

7:16 Check the edges of his right shoulder. If that's really the portrait mode of the Xperia 1, I'm highly disappointed!

Mr Luwin says:

anyone have problem to install Netflix on Xperia 1??

Sameer Umar says:

Thank God
Finally Sony Xperia 1 Has Arrived
Bomb Phone in 2019.

A O says:

It doesn't look like much has changed in Sony camera department regardless of the 3 cameras. From your video switching between the camera mode still looks slow like all previous Sony phones

i use both XZ2 and S9+.. As much as XZ2 camera ain't bad.. Mys s9+ is still a go to when using the camera, it never fails in all major lighting condition. However XZ2 is only consistent in day/bright light environments.

amllemans says:

Thanks for the review 👍, but i hope that shaky 4k video might be patched with an update…
Also, did you find any modifications in the maximum shutter speed, for it was 1 sec in all Sony phones….

AleX Rettich says:

Wow Sony 👍

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