Sony WX350 (English Review with test shots & videos)

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A light compact camera with 20x optical zoom and FHD video.
All video and photos were taken with auto settings.
Light, very good battery life, good picture quality in day time, not so good at night.
The back screen could be better also.


marcin szreter says:


tompworker says:

Looks great, recently broke my old canon camera, hopefully getting this soon!

Guy Bloy says:

I can't quite place your accent

The Soto Family says:

Does it flip screen

Jgor Montalbano says:

What about the micróphone ? Works recording outside?

RainbowCharade says:

what is the panorama mode like?

Tia Schwartzkopf says:

I have this camera, and the thing that says that this camera works bad in the night is quite false actually. I tool a great photo of night time and its actually pretty great for such a small camera

Paul Tasker says:

Image quality in low light is actually better than you would expect for a camera with this sized sensor. I took the best city night shot from the top of a tower that I have ever taken with this camera. There is no image noise in the sky whatsoever (jet black) and decent colours and detail. No loss of colour which is really impressive. Even TV camera's lose colour in low light.
I'd avoid auto in low light though as it tends to go for ISO 3200 which is poor. You really want to be using multi shot ISO if possible and limit to 800 and keep your subject still. In that environment all is well. Also avoid zooming in the dark as lens is slow at longer focal lengths. I actually haven't ever taken a picture better than it at night with an SLR or CSC camera. Indoors again you need to max it at ISO 800 and use multi shot ISO. Indoor colour could be better but it still beats my phone comfortably. Best shots outdoors are in auto. I keep program mode set up for indoor/night use.

Armistitium says:

Hi! Charge Port is a micro usb? Thank you,

Čus já jsem Mates says:

7:51 Škoda superb (CZECH)

Billy Dillol1 says:

Does it have HDR??

alex 2004 says:

Are you from Greece???

My Memories says:

Can I ask … how do I get the 4d picture to work. It says it’s not enabled

Lee B says:

I have this camera .Nearly all the complaints I have seen on reviews are when people fail to keep the camera within its limitations.I have done photographic club competition shooting for 40 years with everything from roll film medium format too the latest DLSR's every one has things that they are not good at .The WX350 is a great vest pocket travel camera with a zoom that works well for its price range.The video as with all camera shooting despite stabilisation benefits from either resting on something or in my case a tiny Manfrotto pocket tripod which I use a lot .Within its capabilities this is a great budget point and shoot and although not able to shoot RAW, with decent post processing software surprisingly good quality images are available from this tiny carry all the time camera.

jutta korn says:

geht das auch auf deutsch?

Your Key says:

liked subbed shared commented… return the same and it will count thxx

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