Sony vs Canon vs Nikon Camera Shootout

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In our latest camera shootout, we compare the Sony A7RII mirrorless camera to the Canon 5DR S and Nikon D810 DSLRs to which camera does the best with video, photos, and overall features


Arnold Cain says:

Laugh my ass off on my God that poor baby turtle actually went into the water LOL good review oh my God that poor turtle that was the best LOL keep it up guys

Mike Butler says:

Brilliant, poor baby sea turtle.

lem mobley says:

Those HANDS!!! lol!!!

Emmany says:

Check out the resolution comparison of Pentax K1 vs Nikon D850 Vs Canon 5Dsr Vs Sony A7R lll – . Its actually quite obvious 🙂

Uther Pendragon says:

Very funny but most of all very useful!

ahmed mamelli says:

this was hilarious guys! love it!

Jimmy a Geek says:

Nikon Daddy of All Camera Except Pentax is the Grand Daday!

Isuru Madhusankha Perera says:

I want to see this guy's reaction now… 😂

José Colón says:

Ive seen this video sooooo many times and it keeps cracking me lol poor turtle

Lex Entwistle says:

I like how he says “baby turtles hatching for the very first time” as if turtles (or any other thing) ever hatches more than once. 😂

Aaron Aquino Armas says:


I did not expect that Hahahaha

K.Ottarsson Flytying & Fishing says:

You guys !! This is THE BEST video that you have done so far, and i loved the turtle baby and Mr Rambo,,How you were able to find the baby turtle so fast and get mr stalone to help out is amazing hehe !!! But most of all,,, you guys were of great help to me choose my next camera, tho I would like a D850, I will have to wait fore t he price to come down a bit hmm hmm! So until then I am buying a D810 to Morrow! It will be my third Nikon so far, so !! Tums Upp fore you guys!!

Aiur Productions says:

by spending first 2 mins on bashing sony unnecessarily you've wasted our time and ensured only canon and nikon user will watch the rest of the video, good job

Ixver Pro says:

do you guys think the Nikon D810 still good for weddings for 2019??

michi vanhalen says:

lol that was hilarous

amigo Studioworks says:

The hand which is seen to demonstrate the Small size of Sony Camera at 09.30 is a Fake Synthetic Hand…. why you do this guys to fool people or what?…..

Bigboy Slim says:

What a bunch click bate

J R says:

I'm only here for the sexy turtle.

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