Sony RX1RII Review and Sample Photos in 4K

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Enjoy this short, hands on, review of the infamous Sony RX1RII produced in 4K. One of the two best, compact digital cameras in the world.

Featuring a back-illuminated 42mp CMOS sensor that delivers amazing images via the fixed Zeiss Sonnar f/2 35mm full frame lens.

But who exactly is this camera for? Watch the video and find out!

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Brian Cullen says:

Brown and black don't go together like brown and silver, did they offer a black leather base?

fukthegoog says:

Are there any physically smaller lenses? That looks entirely impossible to put into a pocket, any pocket.

dematson says:

I have the RXIR2 and had the RXIR. I seem to remember that it was easier to crop to 50 and 70mm in camera before.

Miley onDisney says:

I use Sony camcorders for shooting video, but it would be nice to be able to shoot video while I'm out and about with a compact camera. The video capability is a real killer for this camera. The batteries are a bit of a problem, too. Other than that, it looks like it would have been a great camera.

N D says:

The music is distracting over your nice review

TT Smasher says:

I wish they make this lens alone. The current 35mm is 2.8 and minimum focus distance is more than 13”.

Makta972 says:

So ~4000$ camera to take pics of your dog and some flowers…

1Schnellbach says:

Kauf dir lieber eine Leica 🙂

CODER QN says:

Nice camera. I want one. I just can't afford it. 🙂

Windsor El Nómada says:

I am new in your channel ANd absolutly love it

SDR says:

The music is too much, I couldn't get more than 30 seconds in.

Felix G Photography says:

Eoin what genre of music would be more to your liking? As your probably aware, we can only use royalty free music or licensed. I make most of the music that we use from sample kits with Sony Acid and while it's not hit material it is at the very least, royalty free.

greysuit17 says:

That camera is pretty epic!

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