Sony RX100Vii (RX100M7) Camera Review

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Sony RX100Vii (RX100M7) Camera Review – In this review I look at why this compact camera is still able to survive in an era where most compact cameras have ‘died-a-death’ at the hands of smart phones. I will also review how I can capture professional looking images with a camera that has a small 1-inch sensor (small compared to an Alpha camera but large when compared to a smart phone). I look at some of the camera settings I chose to use to keep the ISO low and how to create figure/ground separation when shooting character portraits.

RX100 VII Album of Ultra HD Images:

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Jamie Coats says:

I’d love to know the reason for the person giving you a thumbs down. Nice video, shall I buy one is the next question to myself.

Enjoy-Crete says:

An excellent review as always Mark. Do you have any plan of making a review for the Sony RX0 mark II ?

Neil Bigwood says:

Thanks for all your hard work it is really appreciated

Foto4Max says:

this is waterproof? what are you smoking again? this is water resistant at best…

David Sweet says:

Mark does the RX100Vii work with a phone App you can see the image and take a picture with your phone? This would allow remote shutter release in situations where the camera cannot be placed where you cannot see the screen.

Dh Viramati says:

Mine goes everywhere with me. It really is the ultimate pocketable camera

ningsun2 says:

What a great review again! I was thinking for a while to get a small pocket one (have a73, a7r3), but not sure of which. RX100VII s smaller aperture concerns me a little, that is main reason to get it. But your video convinced me ! It s also a great teaching video as always. Thank you so much Mark! (Honestly, Sony owe you big as their imaging ambassador. Yes they have great product, but to convince people to buy into it, will need someone like you with deeper understanding and great skill of communication, to convey the message as honest as possible)

Montana West Photography says:

It's the same price as the a6600. Yeah, I'll stick with the a6600.

JIMNI Experience says:

I feel this would be the perfect camera if it came with better low light capabilities …

I'll wait for the RX100M8 to see if they address this issue

Elio Stamm says:

Great stuff Mark. Not just a review but also a very valuable tutorial!

Gnom Anonim says:

those motionblurred bike shots are great. So slow shutter speed + camera pan tracking subject + hi+ burst is a way to achieve this effect?

Kathleen Hart says:

Oooh tempting! Might sell my a6500 and get this instead (Main camera is a7iii)

orange42 says:

Had #1 and moved to #5. Amazing cameras. I'm not sure if I want to give up the 1.8 though… Anyway, watching this review in 4k is super. Can see all the detail very nicely. So easy to put on your belt and take a great camera with you without the weight.

Visit With Us says:

Oooh, I've been waiting for this! Thanks Mark. 🙂

Eric Wilson says:

I'm a mk3 user and love it. I have bought and returned three more expensive cameras and lenses that couldn't match my mk3. I notice in the first motorcycle shots much more detail and crispness in the a9 shot of the rider's jacket over that of the rx. Is this just the a9 demonstrating its superiority or were you using a slower speed or something else-perhaps a different angle of illumination?

Scooby says:

Time to upgrade from my RX100M3 me thinks.

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