Sony RX100 VII | What a $1,199 Point and Shoot Gets You

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9:22 Wait! Did He Just Said AND SHITTING WITH IT Or It’s Only Me?

Mark Russell says:

For the average person the IPhone 11 will give this thing a good run for the money.

Michael Griffiths says:

I can change lenses on my samsung s10+.

castiel vargas says:

The cam is much too expensive.

Travel Geek says:

Good review

Way toGo says:

Photography is not about gadgetry. Creativity trumps commerce.

Michael Griffiths says:

Ive got a samsung s10+. Why would anyone need anything else. Unless they were employed in a photographic / filming occupation.

A. Munif says:

So RX100 Mk 5 is still more interesting

Barry Maskell says:

Here in Australia this camera costs an eye watering )2k – the Canon g7x 3 with inbuilt ND is half that price at around $900

algernumv says:

Really nice chanel, i like the way you review every single caget.

Mudkip Legend says:

DSC HX80 is better ngl

Armando Osuna says:

Between the Canon M50 and the SONY RX100 VII which one you think is the best or better for vlog and pics???

mada faka says:

Great camera but still 1199$?

Yes It's Me says:

Sadly the Mate 30 Pro does better pictures and 4k video than a 1200 dollar camera.

Caven In To The World says:

Can you help me choose for vlogging? G7x mark iii or rx100 mark vii or should i save more and get the a6600?

Steven Turner says:

dude, just get any number of very small, very high quality top mount stereo mikes. Nice review though, and thank you.

macX dim says:

dreamin to have camera…. plsssssss

Samurai says:

“Furry stickers”😂

muzafar001 says:

Hi Gene, in this video you were not happy with the Canon G7x mark iii but with the firmware update, do you think it is better/good. Coz i am thinking of getting the Mark iii and/or Canon M50… would love your opinion based on your usage experience. Pls & thank you.

LosPromillosonTour says:

Which Gimbal did you use for the Sony RX100?

Kaleb S. says:

Lake Balboa!!! I use to sleep on that park 😂👍

Jagmur2 says:

Thank you for the information. 🤗

Rahul Maurya says:

are you filthy rich? Do you find lenses intimidating? Then fear not, the thousand dollar point and shoot is for you. Jokes aside the video quality that comes out of this camera seem to be pretty awesome.

jo mama says:

coochie win
i need a pro cam

Danyal Fryer says:

Just wondering if there’ll be a small bracket you could get to attach a small mic to the side… hmmm…

Przemek Farfolini says:

Iphone 11 pro? Cheaper, better stabilization, 4k/ 60fps vs zoom, AF, DOF, night mode. What would you choose if you like to shoot 4k, 60 fps, with very good stabilization, small compact size?

DrComputerGuy says:

What gimbal are you using?

Benjamin Robinson says:

What’s the lil gimbal you used?

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