Sony RX100 VII review – the BEST pocket camera, at a price

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My in-depth review of Sony’s latest pocket compact, the RX100 VII
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Filmed with Sony A6400 and e 24mm:
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Chan kin yeang says:

Hi, does the Android remote control app offer touch focus for stills and video for the mk vii, mk v and mk va??

lexbonife says:

You are truly an angel! Thank you for this!

AnStef says:

Gordon, this was a masterful review! Great work! …and thank you!

datapro007 says:

Great review, thanks. $1200 is a lot for a small sensor, fixed mediocre lens camera, regardless of all the wonderful features. Just my take.

Andrew Bristoe says:

Interesting Sony with the body sizes layouts quite a few of the rx series and apsc Sony’s fit the same underwater housings definite advantage to keeping the same body re bags battery’s and used to ergonomics think Sony’s the only one if have previous model useful

Hooked on Photography says:

Since the front is not completely flat due to the lens always taking up some room there, they would be better off to put a small rubber grip on the front that is just slightly a bit more recessed than the length the lens sticks out when fully retracted. The front is a little too slick for no good reason.

David Gatzen says:

One thing that drives me crazy about almost all of these reviews is that no one ever talks about how close the camera can focus, or it's macro capability. This is especially important on a camera with a fixed lens, because you cannot change the lens to a macro lens. It's also a pretty easy thing to test.

David Gatzen says:

In the RX100-8 Sony should put in a bigger battery and make the grip bigger. This would greatly improve the camera with little added cost and little engineering effort (compared to the engineering effort of designing a new sensor for example).

Alister Cachia says:

Your reviews are the best – so detailed and reliable!

Bracer Jack says:

$1200 ?!!!! Ha ha ha…..haaaaaa

Espen Pettersen says:

Very informative video and good narration. But the shakey hands are disturbing and takes away from the experience.

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