Sony RX100 VII Review: DSLR Power in your Pocket?

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The Sony RX100 VII ( is the most powerful compact camera we’ve ever tested. The zoom lens covers an equivalent focal length range of 24-200mm, which is perfect for travel, general photography, and even some sports. The lens itself isn’t new – the biggest update is that Sony added a full 20 FPS with amazing continuous AF tracking and no viewfinder blackout – something only the Sony a9 offers ( It actually works, and this is the first compact camera we feel comfortable recommending for sports shooters.


Serge Walthėry says:

My father photographer in the 1950. heels not background blur. Why is it fashion?

Duke's Photo Studio says:

For Sony and all the other poor camera manufacturers, why not just combine the phone and camera, e.g., have a sim card in the camera instead of wifi? I meant full function of a phone on a camera like data, signal receiving and transmittion.

Glen Converse says:

I'll Waite for the RX100 VIII, and, as you know, it's right around the corner

Chris Barr says:

WOW that Canon looks like crap compared to this little camera. Poor Canon really.

Wandering Renegade says:

Have the mk v and I like it,but probably will upgrade to a mirrorless with interchangable Les next.A6400 looks great.

Chris S says:

If you have too much money to buy a crap cam, buy this one. It's overpriced and even for vlogging it's unsuitable because of the lens limitation (not wide enough). What was Sony thinking? 🤮

Aravind Mj says:

I thought a DSLR was more about convenience rather than raw power.

imagoFX says:

Not sure about iPhones but on android you just tap the camera to your phone (where the NFC logo is) and the correct apps will open on the phone & camera and transfer the current displayed image. No need to pull the SD card out…

Juergen Strapko says:

Get rid of your Canon for filming or take a course how to film 🙂

Cody Robinson says:

What Canon camera & lens again?

Tim Tibbs says:

Cycled Patagonia with cellphone cam, got bad pics when viewed on big screen, especially zoomed in…
Don't want to carry my A6000 on cycling adventures…
How about this RX100 vii ??

3.V Audio & Video says:

"Smartphone" mode should be added to all cameras.

Daniel 214 says:

How are megapixels of the sensor of a camera connected to 4k or 1080p video quality?

Nislam Bendali says:

This days, i think a smartphone's camera is enough to replace mirrorless cameras

Robert Jensen says:

I think for the vacationer who wants a boost in the picture quality and versatility of the a long zoom lens over what they get with any cell phone camera that the new Sony is a real keeper. Fits easily in a coat pocket or purse, not too big or cumbersome, yet gives images the equal or better of pro cameras from just 10 -20 years ago, that's a pretty attractive camera. The only thing it lacks is being waterproof and ruggedized.

Robert Jensen says:

I'll be glad when dials (at least the ones without locks) are gone forever from digital cameras. Give me the 4-way control dial and the Fn button just above it and I can change settings much faster than with the shutter speed and aperture dials. A good touch screen is good but usually placed too far for my right thumb to reach accurately. I'd rather have two 4-way dials/control buttons. One for the basic exposure controls and the one they have now.

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