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Today Sony has announced the RX100 VII, which is the latest in its range of point-and-shoot, compact cameras. I’ve had a pre-release copy of this camera for about a week now and I’ve been very impressed so far. The addition of a mic input jack is going to be big news for some people, but there are many other features as well.

With the new RX100 VII, we have a new stacked CMOS sensor with DRAM configuration. A new Bionz X processor and frontend LSI. Refinements to this technology give us some incredible new features for both stills and video.

There are now 357 phase detection AF points covering about 68% of the image area. Focus acquisition is now 0.02 sec and the camera makes up to 60 focus calculations per second.

We now have 20fps, true blackout free shooting with no lag. There is a new single burst drive mode which allows you to get up to 90 frames per second raw or jpeg images in 7 shot bursts.

Sony has also introduced real time object tracking which is the technology we have in the A9, A6400 and now A7r IV cameras. Real time object tracking works in conjunction with both human Eye AF and animal Eye AF for one of the most accurate focusing systems I’ve used to date. Its incredible.

Video features have some major upgrades in the RX100 VII as well. We now have Eye AF in video, Active IS is now available in 4k movie mode, the aforementioned mic jack and the camera now embeds vertical position data recording.

Time limits for 4k video recording have been removed. Thermals in the camera seem to have improved. I was able to test a clip that lasted an entire hour before the battery died.

Also introduced is interval shooting for those who want to shoot time-lapse images!

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The Art of Photography says:

You can pre-order at B&H

Ljubomir Bardzic says:

A 24-120 1.8-2.8 lens, like the Canon G5X, would be very welcome on the next gen of this camera.

Moonstruck Exploring says:

I like the camera, but I am waiting for an update to the X-3000

KiratCan Kerem says:

Sony is making great cameras, taking over mirrorless market though, rather than giving 1000 bucks to that little camera, I’d go for another interchangeable camera from another maker. Too expensive for a compact camera.

Omar Solyman says:

I have a technical Q. Do you know if the EVF of this camera would transmit infrared light spectrum?

JoeCnNd says:

I'd have taken out the viewfinder for a shoe.

kangsterizer says:

slightly bigger battery, sensor, add a few things like night sight, price high, like 1500, sell it like hot cakes and call it RX10000 or whatever. Add micro mount for lenses on them and you'd kill APS-C lol.

Michael De Lazzer says:

I miss the 24-17 ND filter and f/1.8. But otherwise, home run Sony. I pulled the trigger on it. I've skipped the VI because of the lens and lack of ND. Adding an audio port and eliminating the 5:00 limit on 4K, plus I get the eye auto focus the V lacks and a touch screen– too good to pass up. I'm keeping the V for specific needs but I'm all-in on the VII. At least they haven't changed the battery!

richard karamel says:

Yeah, next year sony will come out with 200 pfs. And every sonyfanboy will talk about it even though its a useless fps because just for marketing strategy. LOL.

Tomas Ramoska says:

Nice camera for soccer mums 😂 jack of all trades master of none..

Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs says:

VII? I can't buy the first model (too much cost in our country) First model cost 300 eur/333 dollars.

Luis Carlos says:

Better quality slowmotion?


i know sony could do it

Kevin Davis says:

I would much prefer a faster lens with less reach being fine to get there, 24-100mm, or better yet, 24-120mm, and no, I don't want Canon's butchered G5X MKII.

ND filter for VIII, maybe IX, Lmbo. Make the second, slightly larger version you referenced with the ND filter and a new, longer lasting battery.

Troy Phillips says:

How good is the dynamic range in video? Is the low light or high contrast abilities as good or close to the a6400 ? I need something like this that is small to get some stage shots for live music shows. Need them as b cams used in transition clips for my local pbs channel tv show . Is the video quality good enough? Thanks

Riparea Videography says:

You want the bat on ball shot you say? How would you like doing it every time haha

Mark Attardo says:

Technology keeps marching forward. Pretty impressive what they've stuffed into that camera.

ahmad vlogs says:

that 5 min limit alone not being there is the biggest thing that will make me consider this camera!

Paul Bentley says:

No f1.8. I'm not going to get past that deal breaker. They could definitely justify having 2 versions for the 70 or 200 mm versions.

Ivan Guerra says:

Again, a bounch of confusing bottoms in the touch screen era !!

Nikko Arnado says:


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