Sony RX100 VII Hands-on Review

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In this hands-on review, Evelyn Drake and Dave Paul test the New Sony Cybershot RX100 VII which is Sony’s latest digital compact camera. Featuring, 20fps blackout-free shooting, real-time eye tracking for stills and video, and full pixel readout 4k video, is this a miniature A9 and more? Watch to find out.

Videography by Brendan Schmidt

Shot on the Panasonic GH5

Evelyn Drake: @tcstvev
Dave Paul: @tcstvdave


The Flame Family says:

Really loved the video keep it . up

Jeffson Chung says:

No rolling shutter at 4K? This camera is damn near perfect then!

Circuits and Cigars says:

Love the video, just joined the channel. I have the Mark V and looooove it's low light and the ND filter for video. I plan on getting the VII as soon as it comes out and finally getting the Smallrig cage

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

I'd buy one if Sony makes a 24-70mm equivalent lens.

StormRider2 says:

This will be my first RX 100 Camera looking forward to it having that A9 fast AF capabilities is impressive and that new 90fps single burst shooting mode. Moments are to be captured and this Camera will perform really well.

Bubba Bill says:

This camera is a bigger meme than this channel

Peter H. says:

It's a cool camera, but Evelyn you look great with that hat.

Per-Gunnar Eriksson says:

Bring back f1.8 and cut the price by 25%. 😁

Termination says:

I wish I could afford a camera

elbryan9 says:

Okay so I know its been a really long time since I watched tcstv but, who are these people and where did Chris go?

Michael Tapel says:

1:11 anyone got a shape in mind?

Symz G says:

Loving the vid. Completely unrelated, I must say you're looking really well Evelyn. You're not too bad yourself Dave lol

marty sender says:

too expensive for what it is….you can buy a LOT more camera for that price. i have rx100 version ONE, and it does as well as this, except no 4k. good ol Sony, new one overheats. and then shuts down. Yikes. you rich with lots of dough to spare? buy it. you want better value for your $1200? keep shopping. Sony camera sales DOWN. when they get message? LOWER PRICES.

Molly Fitz Brown says:

Thanks for the review, I really might need one of these!

masterblimpy says:

Thank you for the great review.

Since even cellphone cameras can take excellent pictures outdoor and good light, the reason I need a point & shoot is for indoor and low light situations.

Therefore what I was hoping for was the RX100vb. Basically a RX100va with touchscreen, better battery life and improved stabilization.

The a6400 with 18-135 can handle outdoor and zoom responsibilities.

For me microphone input is not needed. I am not going to make up a rig or do blogging for publishing to the internet.

SC S says:

The UHS-II slot and a USB C port are probably coming on the RX100 VIII and IX.

Benjamin Jehne says:

Thougt a lot about this camera, because I‘m so impressed by the VI, which my mom bought in spring. I use a RX100I as my little back up and I really love it, but it’s the F4.9 that kills it when you’re indoor.

And so the VII is perfect for everything outdoors, but it’s just not bright enought for everything else. I think about buying the G5X, if the lens is good.

ΝΟΜΛ says:

It's about time sony figured their thermal management rather than customers having to resort to a janky hack job of using a handle when it gets too hot to hold

Photo Gear Fun says:

Great review guys! For the mic issue you can use the Saramonic SR-XM1 a pretty good inexpensive mic that just plugs right into the mic port and can rotate. The sound quality is pretty good as well. Cheers.

Steven Scholten says:

i hope you cleared up all the plastic form the balloons. 😉

Akshay Anand says:

7:30 Slog2 sacrifices shadow details to get more highlight detail, it doesn't preserve shadow detail as Evelyn says. I have 5A. I tried to pull the shadows up in slog2 and they break. You expose for the shadows and bring the highlights down in post when using slog2.

Akshay Anand says:

7:06 Jordan's expression is hilarious 😂😂

sebastiaanvanwater says:

When will we get some Dave Paul cleavage for a change?

Gavin Seim says:

Let's be honest. We're all here for the mic input. I might actually buy this one.

sibangjack says:

Yeah I wish sony also releases another rx100 vii version with faster aperture like 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 on rx100 va or even longer like 24-120mm f1.8-2.8 on canon g5x iii and included built-in nd filter.

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