Sony RX100 VII First Look

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Sony’s newest RX100-series compact has arrived and makes big promises of pro-level features in a pocket-sized camera. Take a look as we highlight what’s new in the RX100 VII, including its impressive autofocus capabilities handed down from the a9.

Want to go more in depth? Head over to our Sony RX100 VII Review in Progress:

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Roshan jain says:

When are you guys reviewing canon G7X M2? Isn't it too late already??

D.L. Cade says:

Hiiii Carey! 👋🏻

Roland Walter-Dutton says:

This is a good move from Sony and keeps compact cameras still relevant.
What Sony could do next for the mk8 is integrate it with a phone and then we could classify it as a SmartCamera! 📸 /📱

Over Price says:

But still the weakness of point and shoot camera is that you can't clean your sensor

Robert Saca says:

I don't like it when Chris and Jordan aren't hosting/filming the video, but I don't mind this guy, clear, none of the arrogance of the others and 10 points for the ballsy move of filming whilst swinging the new product around above deep water.

Liked the video.

Dragonstone says:

btw just so people know. The Fujifilm X-T30 has a mic jack and usb-c. And if you plug in a USB-C headphone adapter, you can use the port for audio instead of charging. Sony should learn a thing or two from Fujifilm. Especially since their strengh lies in hardware.

TIMagicProd says:

Is there a continuous video recording limit of 29 min 59 sec at 1080 60P?

Ziango Rex says:

$1200 lmao. Just get an A6000 + Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens and a decent laptop for editing.

Frank Feng says:

What is really upsetting about this RX100VII release is the Canon-like handicapping and pricing, caused by Sony's complacence of progress and lack of competition in the market.
For $1200 prosumers can get an A6400 + 18-135 kit that is at least a stop faster and more versatile.
For $800 prosumers looking for pocketable option can get a brand new 2-year-old RX100V with a faster lens and internal ND, which matter more for serious vlogging and 95% of hybrid shooting, especially in low light.
For $400 casual vloggers can get DJI Osmo Pocket that can shoot 4K60p with a built-in gimbal.
For $100 anyone can just afford a DJI Mobile that can be used with any smartphone they already have.
If Sony don't get their shit together, smartphone will take over compact 1" no doubt.

medved says:

Probably still overheats after like 3 minutes of shooting 4K video.

TyIL TTY7 says:

Did I hear it right? USB MICRO-B???!!! AT THIS PRICE??? IN 2019???

mycrazyadventurescalledlife says:

Makes the Canon G7Xii and G5Xii much more appealing. Great balance of bright lens and decent reach. And I own the RX100v.

Stefanie Daniella says:

Sony 1" RX100M7 (RX100 VII)
19.96mp (5472 x 3648 = 19,961,856) with (3:2) 13.2 mm x 8.8 mm sensor
and 9 – 72 mm WA 8x optical zoom lens (FF FoV: 24.54 – 196.36 mm)
has much the same kind of high barrel distortion lens on wide-angle end as the older RX100M6 (RX100 VI)

when looking at RAW ARW Converted to DNG (via RAW2DNG) and post-processed in Adobe Lightroom
one can see a very strong curvy semi-fisheye look, as well as black corners of the lens front opening edges, slightly off-center (corners in images are bigger on leftside than rightside, on both RX100M7 + RX100M6
(off-center on rightside, when considering images are actually inverted upside-down).

With such high distortion @ wide-angle 9 mm FL, it already shows a narrower FoV AoV than past 8.8mm versions

The OOC JPGs output @ 9mm wide-angle end up using a very heavily pre-corrected sub-crop portion of original RAW ARW covering only around 4448 x 2972 = 13,219,456 (13.2 mp) and re-stretched back up to official 5472 x 3648 (19.96mp).

One could choose to pp RAW so more of the "custom corrected" larger area is used:
▪up to about 5024 x 3060 = 15,373,440 (15.4mp) but it will have a wide-aspect-ratio of 1.642:1 (the leftside upper+lower corners with exhibiting some blue fringing with leftside black corners "just out of view")
▪up to about 4590 x 3060 = 14,045,400 (14.0mp) with the usual aspect-ratio of 3:2
in either case, one is getting 15.4 or 14mp out of 19.96mp instead of "automatically" only 13.2mp by default

As one zooms towards longer FL of tele end, the lens distortion is lower, so there's less severe automatic lens pre-correction is employed, so more of the 19.96mp is used that has not been severely cropped out, but kept in final JPG output from RAW ARW.

The net effect of such high RX100M7 lens distortion @ 9mm wide-angle end of zoom lens
(acting more like 5472/5024 factor of 9mm = 10.49mm lens) or FF FoV 28.61mm (Wider FoV Custom JPG) @ 15.4mp (1.642:1)
(acting more like 5472/4448 factor of 9mm = 10.80mm lens) or FF FoV 29.46mm (Matching FoV of OOC JPG) @ 13.2mp
By mimicking in-camera "re-upstretching", one can get ~2.2mp more out of the 19.96mp sensor than the camera can by default!

all for US$1200 !

Burzin Billimoria says:

Canon G7X mark 3 at half the price is equally good.

Mr. Tommy Badger says:

Why is this man wearing two shirts and long pants in the middle of July?

Anuar Saad says:

Got RX100 M4 new for us500. Love it. 1200 bit on the high side even so this is really great compact camera.

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