Sony RX100 VI Review – Ultra Compact Pro Quality Camera

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In this Sony RX100 VI Review (, I will go over everything you need to know! Hands-On, Sample Photos, Video, Lab Testing, HFR, and Much More… Thanks for watching, and be sure to ask questions or comment below as always!! Jay

Sony RX100 VI for $1198:
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Sony RX10 IV:
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Sony RX100 VI – Beginners Guide:
Sony RX100 VI – HFR Mode:
Sports Photography Camera Settings:
Drive Modes, Self-timer, & Bracket Settings:
Recording Video & Movie Mode Settings Explained:
Creative Modes & Picture Effects Explained:
Focus Area & Focus Modes:
More Focus Settings – Pre-AF, Eye-AF, Back Focus, and More:
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Motorhome Journey's says:

The lack of a mic input is a deal breaker for me…

Trip travel fun says:

Explained perfectly well

Yanwar Pro TV says:

how long (max) the camera can shoot video?

kRx md says:

Firstly, thank you for this great video. Secondly, I am in a situation right now where previously avoided buying into the RX100 series because I thought I could not justify their ~/> $1000 price tags for a compact camera. I have 2 Dslrs and almost the all the STM lenses & a Lensbaby fish eye but decided to go back to the pocketable approach. I have an S95 from 2011 and that is still a wonderful camera (a truly pocketable one); I wanted to shoot actually more video (without getting into the Gh5's vs the BMPCC4K world). For a change I went with the Lumix LX10, instead of waiting for the G7Xm3 (which still hasn't arrived) and the savings went to a GoPro6 instead of getting just the RX100 V. So far I am happy with my LX10. I usually use it with my Zhiyun Crane-M. While I do enjoy the big aperture of the LX10, it's range is 24-70mm, which brought me to this quest to supplementing it with the Lumix ZS200 (24mm-360mm), which led me to the Leica C-Lux (which is just the Leica version but at least $300 more expensive), which brought me again to the RX100 series — the mark VI) whew! So now, which is which? I thought getting the ZS200 would be the most sensible because probably the built in color/picture profiles will be the same and edit will be effortless, or do I get the "Leica" just to try a Leica when it's truly not a true Leica, or should I just get the RX100m6 for all it's tech but editing files with my LX10 may pose additional work?!? Again, thank you for your video and your work.

luqman laji says:

No mic input hmmp

Paul Corcoran says:

Nice video Jay. Yes, this little camera is a mighty atom. I just wish that they would incorporate a larger, more powerful, battery, and, insodoing, the extra bulge created for the bigger battery could also give the camera a much needed grip.

VAO says:

Sony please add a mic input and this would be the ultimate vlog camera!

Bigjuergo says:

next time pls hide your head when showing the example fotos thank you!

katusaaz Jeon says:

I used to use g7x mark ii
It had great pictures but slow af killed me. Would you recommend me rx 100 mk5 or mk6?

Ilse Olive says:

What a fantastic video review and camera! Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Just two questions please?
1) Can one ‘select’ a frame from the video or slow motion video into a JPEG file?
2) When the camera stops operating due to overheating,
a – how long before you can use it again?
b – will swapping batteries help?

Thanks so much!

Mahesh Walatara says:

4K for only 5 mins?? FUCKING USELESS.

Serkan Ister says:

Thanks you I m learning alot from your videos! Btw wanderful family!

Harrison Klapos says:

Honestly I have seen a ton of all sorts of reviews, I wish people did reviews like you and throughly explain how it all works. Kudos!. I have no idea about cameras and bought this camera today just for travelling and basic photos and ur review really helps ! Can’t wait to start using it. I need visual reviews to learn! Love ur work!!

daddy camper says:

Hi Jay thinking of getting into photography as I do a lot of walking and wild camping I've looked at a lot of cameras to be fare but keep coming back to the rx series v or vi,
At the moment I take all my pics with my phone I would like my first camera to do everything lol…..but do realise there will be compromise……I would love to be able to shoot some star pics on a evening my friend uses his go pro 4 on manual mode and gets some real good images on a night considering it's a actione cam how would the 2 rx models do against go pro and would there be a massive difference between the v and vi would be gr8 if you had some pics of 5 v 6 shooting stars as I can't find any on net ….great video mate and yes I have subbed you. Atb rob

Philippe Dassonval says:

What kind of software do you use on this video please? it looks so easy to learn….

Mel Prophet says:

Terrific video. Very helpful to see real world sample pictures. I have the RX 10 IV which I love, but have been thinking of picking this one up. I've never had a compact camera. Looks fun!

KC Tan says:

Hi Jay, your coverages about Sony RX100 VI and V are great ! Am new to camera. How significant are they in low light conditions between SONY Rx100 VI (f/2.8-4.5) and VA (f/1.8-f/2.8) shoot in auto mode ? You showed the 'Macdonald' photo in this video for Sony Rx100 VI. Just wonder how will it look like in Sony Rx100 VA. Thanks.

imac lite says:

The best explanation or kind of tutorial for the RX100 VI on youtube, and love the links below 👍​

라사 says:

Good review!
Does shooting in raw file makes the battery die quicker?

Jerald says:

amazing camera review love how you explained and showed everything keep it up

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