Sony RX100 VI review: overpriced?

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Sony’s latest addition to the RX100 line adds a 24mm-200mm lens, quick auto focus, and a single action EVF. But for $1200, the loss of an ND, and no audio input – is it worth the money?


Here’s a link to buy the RX100 VI:

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The Verge says:

What’s the most important feature on a camera for you?

Akshay Patil says:

Would love to see the mark VII review soon.

Arunava Datta says:

You are so elequent..
Excellent oratory skills!!
Nice review.

Thịnh Nguyễn Văn says:

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Filip Ahlmann says:

When will the mark 7 come out?

Flunkiii says:

For me, a camera without f1.8 is useless. If the rx100vi would have it, there would be no wishes left.

Robert J says:

Really great review. Straight up covers major pros and cons. Interesting camera for sure, but please: WHAT was this review shot on? It looks SUPERB!!!!

Speaking Hebrew says:

Would love to know what camera and lenses are responsible for these parts of the video 0:581:16

Verbs describe us says:

no audio input? omg!!!

Zoe Zed says:

All the lovely comments in the reviewer make me feel warm and fuzzy about humanity

Dan B says:

Guys I REALLY want to take night photography but I'm on a budget and have no idea about cameras, I'm going to be doing a photography course but can someone reccomend me a reasonably priced (sub 500) camera which will take beautiful night stills?

Desirous says:

I’m kinda new to cameras but without the external microphone thing you can still record and hear yourself right

Azam Jamal says:

we've found a new deiter!

Ladida386 says:

I this video I'm missing makro pictures.

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