Sony RX100 VI "REAL WORLD REVIEW" (vs Sony RX100 V)

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Sony RX100 VI Real World Review vs Sony RX100 V (Camera Review)

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This video was filmed with the Sony a9 with 24-70 2.8 G Master
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Jared Polin says:

A BIG thank you to Squarespace for supporting us in our quest to bring you Real World Reviews. If you haven't tried it yet, it's what I use for my photography website. Go to to get started.

To download RAW files from the Sony RX100 VI
Review filmed with the Sony a9 and Sony 24-70 2.8 G Master

Nick Saccary says:

Does anyone know if the flash can be set in auto when using shutter priority, aperture priority, or manual modes? I know my a6000 flash was only manual in these models which really killed the camera for me

DerekTac says:

real world review are the bee's knees! thanks jarid! -long time viewer

Travelers Paradise says:

Canon G7X mark 2 is better just because the OIS is good.

hannan mahfuzoh says:

hi anybody else from Malaysia?

Vineet Battula says:

Nice video, very well explained

Kent Bergström says:

I much prefer the 1.8-2.8 24-70 for regular photo

Jeff Bourke says:

the 5 minute recording limit is….fucked.

Jeff Bourke says:

how does this camera perform in low light video?

Marion Hinzman says:

If you’re worried about dropping in the camera even with the wrist strap, Just go online and buy some Wii wrist straps sense you felt like mentioning it

kernowrock555 says:

I'm no photographer ,learning lots here. I am looking for a compact Vlogging camera for moto-vlogging on a motorcycle. I like this camera …but no Microphone jack ?… hmm.. may need a re-think…

Benjamin Jehne says:

My mom bought the VI and I‘m just impressed, how far they have come with the RX100 series. The image quality ist impressive for such a small camera and I would go for this one before purchasing a mFT or something like it for traveling etc.
She bought an IV some years before and the combination is like having a lot of stuff in you bag.
I think a lot of people underestimate those cameras.
What it is really missig in this version, is the F1.8 at the widest. Thats the one of the two things I have to complain with the VI/VII. In this point, Sony should think about something like the lens in the GX5 II. The IV-VA are litte beasts even on events or weddings. I shot with my old RX100 I in parallel to my A7RIII and I love the results of the I. It’s more grain, buts it’s more private, so I get images I don’t get with the Alpha. Fros style of edeting his images is hard for these files. If you’re some one who goes more for an overall softer film look, these cameras are perfect.

The G5X II also comes with the old style EVF from the RX100 IV-VA and you might not like the way how you have to pull it out, but your eye leashes dont touch the surface of the EVF the hole time, with this construction.

So I’m between the VI/VII/ and GX5 II now.

Jon Hermannsson says:

Canon can make a 24-120mm F1.8 – 2.8 lens but they have to buy older Sony sensors with no Phase Detect AFS/C and live tracking – so consumers loose
the ideal lens for the 1 inch compacts is a 24-120 mm F1.8-2.8 – yes which Canon has but their tracking stinks because of older sensor with Contrast only AF

the 24-200 – with the RX100 m6/7 is practical for many – but I give up the extra reach for a faster lens – but both should exist –
Panasonic has both the LX10 and ZS200 – but like Canon they have to make do with older Sony sensors so no Phase Detect AF and no live tracking and poor EYE AF

Canon and Panasonic should join to produce 1 inch sensors –

John Smith says:

Weird. Several other reviews say it has a mic input.

rbs777777 says:

hey Jared let me know when you do the review of rx100 vii. You have great reviews !

Dylan Slater says:

So the mark iv is better?

Ernest W says:

Hey Mr. Froknowsphoto. Just noticed you're left eye biased. Isn't it a pain trying to use EVF's that work so much better with right eyes. On my Sony NEX's, I leave great nose prints on the view screen when I EVF. Grrrr. I wear glasses. I bet the RX100 EVF is useless in bright light as eye is so much further from the EVF. Bring on the huge sunhat/shade. (love your videos.)

Nation First says:

Why adding Mark is fancy. Where company is not using

chisank says:

Man he really likes taking pictures of kids

Laurent Valette says:

I have my RX-100 mark 1 since years and I'm always wonder by its photo quality !

Arabella Davis/Tried &True. says:

2019: Dude, I was able to read the old man’s book title: Ghost Soldiers. at 200mm it’s a pretty sharp lens. thumbs up 🙂 side note: It’s an expensive little jewel that would fit in my clutch bag—I like that.

Barry Hamric says:

I call this camera my "therapy camera" because I can leave my bigger camera at home (well, in the car – I'm trying!) and still get great shots. I returned the Mark V a day or two after I bought it because the VI was soon to come out and I wanted the 200mm zoom. I really agonized over losing the additional f stops but it does what good modern Sony cameras do with higher ISO and if bokeh is a problem for a shot I just love, well that's easy enough in post. I've seen and heard complaints about the cost, but what do you expect the best point and shoot on the market to cost and it is still a Sony after all, so that comes with the territory. Therefore, I think its a great camera for exactly what its made for – a "therapy camera" for serious photographers that are paranoid they are going to miss something if they leave their camera at home. I can live with myself if this is in my pocket. Im sure my A7RIII enjoys the rest… and holy crap I picked up my Canon 6D the other day and it about broke my arm off it was so heavy!

Ramesh S P says:

I have a Nikon 3300 DSLR …but tired of carrying it every where when going on tour.Looking for light weight point and shoot image like DSLR.Any one here using Canon G9X Mark II,Sony RX100VI ,Panasonic Lumix TZ200, Fuji Film X100F etc could tell me which one is good for taking photos and videos during tour with family and kids.

Thoreau says:

What about night time shooting.

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